Tuesday, December 18, 2007

How Many Licks...

There are two types of people in this world: those who suck on a sucker all the way to the middle, savoring every last bit of sugary goodness (me), and those who bite the sucker at the half-way point, thus ending their sucker experience sooner (Ben).

Well, we found out last night that Lucas, like me, enjoys to suck his sucker all the way to the middle, where one might find a tootsie center or a bubble gum center. Last night Lucas found a bubble gum center in his sucker. He chewed on a little piece of the gum for a minute until I got him to spit it out for me.

You may ask what would drive two sane parents to give a sugary Blow Pop to a 15 month old child before bed time? The answer is simple: a haircut.

We decided that Lucas was looking way to scrappy to visit his grandparents in Arizona for Christmas. After all, it's only their second time meeting and we want him to make a good impression. Normally this means putting him in clothes other than his pajamas. But, for this special occasion we took out the scissors.

Last time, Lucas had his hair cut by a real barber. This time Mom and Dad took over (but Mom was very scared). He just needed a little trim, so we figured we might not butcher the poor kids hair too badly. Ben wanted to buzz it, but luckily I won that battle. Lucas is just a little baby and plus he has a horrible cowlick. He needs his hair.

Anyhow, the results were acceptable. I think the grandparents will all be pleased. The cleanup afterwards proved more difficult than the cutting. Ben took Lucas straight to the shower. (Imagine a kid with sucker slobber all over his body, PLUS hair stuck to the slobber). I took Lucas' chair out to the hose and then proceeded to clean up the hair/slobber in the kitchen.

It was an interesting experience. Hopefully Lucas can go back to a real barber some day...

So, how do you like your suckers?


ThomCarter said...

In 15 years he will be really glad that these pictures are public!

Dani said...

So handsome! And so brave of you! I'd be afraid to cut his poor little ear or something. I have trimmed Addie's mohawk but I don't have to get close to her head for that! Nice job! Addie loves suckers as well! She's like you, licks it to the yummy center! Merry Christmas! We'll miss you guys!