Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas time?

Here in Austin, Texas it was 72 degrees yesterday. It just doesn't feel much like Christmas when you break a sweat walking a few blocks to the mail box.

Another reason it doesn't feel too Christmassy is perhaps the lack of a Christmas tree at our house. We do have our wreath and a few other decorations... all in Hanukkah colors, but red and green just wouldn't match!

And I have lights on one tree outside, so that's kind of fun, too.

The other thing I miss is the shopping. I haven't really done much at all this year because we are on a shopping diet. But, I just want the Cutchen girls to know that I miss the endless hours of hitting the mall, the aching feet, annoying crowds & traffic, and being forced to try on more, more, and more. I'll see you at the after-Christmas sales.

We're excited to go spend Christmas in Arizona and New Year's in Albuquerque. And of course, we're most excited to spend time with family. See you soon! Lock up your breakables, barricade your tree, and get ready for some exercise. LucaD is coming to town!

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Dani said...

We should have gone on a shopping diet! I think we'll be on one for the next few months! It sucks to be poor!