Friday, July 31, 2009

Family Tat Night

Last night we had a Family Tat Night. Ben brought home a bunch of temporary tattoos from work and we decided to play with them. Ben got a little star on his forearm. I scored a snowflake on one foot and a flame on the other foot, and Lucas scored a tribal across his chest, a star on his arm, and a heart on his other arm. He looks pretty cute all inked up.

And yes, Lucas is enjoying a corn tortilla fresh out of the fridge - wouldn't even let me heat/cook it for him. GROSS!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuble Dry a 12 pack

Next time you come to our house, we'll have special toilet paper for you to use.

The sad thig is that I saw him do this yesterday and I totally forgot in the mass confusion of the day. All I wanted was to fluff my towels...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Life....

will never be the same again... arriving Jan 2010.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fighting the Urge

There are three main things I have nightmares about: alligators, dirty bathrooms, and breaking my teeth. The past week I think I had a couple dreams where I've really badly chipped or broken a tooth. I hate it! Today, for the first time, that nightmare came true.

There comes a time in every mom's week when she tries really hard to not kill a kid.
Today I've been working at it all day. Apparently the stress was getting to me because when we were at Costco I made the mistake of allowing Lucas to get out of the cart to push it, and he started running around driving me insane. The insanity lead to teeth grinding (and I know I grind my teeth every time he makes me mad), which in turn lead to a chipped tooth. All the sudden I felt little pieces in my mouth and I hoped it wasn't my tooth, but when I got the cell phone out to view my mouth, there it was - front and center.
Tomorrow I'll email my dentist all the way in Arizona and see if he thinks its a big problem.

Anyhow, I made it home from Costco without beating the kid. When we got home I left Lucas with a bowl of blueberries in the kitchen and came upstairs for a few minutes. When I returned to the kitchen I discovered the boy with two pounds of blueberries on the kitchen table and lots of berries on the floor. He's very self-sufficient, this kid of mine, and he climbed up in the fridge to get the blueberries back out, then he opened the container up-side-down and proceeded to enjoy the antioxidant-rich berries.

You'll be happy to know the kid is alive and well. As a matter of fact we just had hug time. Then he went in the closet to go see Grandma.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Diaper Talk

Chris was kind enough to watch Lucas for me the other day while I drove girls up to camp. I'm stealing this from his blog... it was too funny.

[Chris changing Lucas's daiper]
Anna: Is that Lucas's penis?
Chris: Yes, beat it.
Anna: Lucas has penis?
Chris: Yes.
Lucas: I have penis!
Chris: I know.
Lucas: At grandmas!
Chris: What?
Lucas: In Albuquerque.
Chris: Oh, you had peanuts on the plane to Albuquerque?
Lucas: Yes, I had penis on plane.

Lucas did mention to me that Anna saw his poop, but nothing about the penis on the airplane.
We got a great video of Lucas last night after he took his pants off and was running around the kitchen very amused at his nakedness. Unfortunately due to a not-so-steady camera we can't put it online...

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Today we decided to take Madison and Lucas on a magical safari! We headed down to San Antonio to the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch. It's totally like a real safari in Africa... except you drive your car through, feed the animals pellets through your window, and stop at the petting zoo and restaurant on your way out. But other than that, I would have thought we were in Africa - especially because it was so hot.
The highlight of the day that made it all worth paying the $16 per person fee was when we were attacked by an ostrich. Hilarious.

Aside from ostriches, we saw zebras, a bazillion types of deer, antelopes, Texas long horns, and other things with cool antlers. Then they had giraffes, hippos, camels and kangaroos in their own houses. There was a petting zoo where goats tried to eat our camera strap, Ben's shirt, and our paper bags - not the food inside. And Lucas sat on a pile of goat poop, so he had to eat lunch in his diaper.
After lunch we took one more drive through the safari to get our money's worth. I realized how awesome the sun roof was for animal viewing, and Ben realized that the line this time around was too slow and that we should have just gone home...
After we left safari land we headed into S.A. so Ben could pick up some parts for his bike rack project, got some delicious frozen custard and headed home. Lucas is down for his nap right now (at 6:30 pm)... as are Ben and Maddie.

It was a fun day thanks to that mean ostrich... and to Ben for eating part of a food pellet while Maddie and I watched in disgust. If you're wondering, they taste like really dry, bland cereal.

Back to Town

We made it back to town last Sunday. We elected to drive the entire way in one day, which I was a little worried about, but at least we got to stay and enjoy the 4th of July with the fam in ABQ, and didn't have to try to get Lucas to sleep in a hotel room.

I'm happy to report that the drive went 20 times better than expected. My niece, Madison, came with us and she and Lucas were perfect the whole way. Lucas didn't have a real fit the whole day and Maddie, of course, was very helpful in entertaining Lucas.

We headed out around 8:30 Sunday morning and stopped once in Clovis, NM. We ate at the DQ there and were the youngest patrons that place had seen in years. Lucas and Maddie burned some calories on the outdoor toy and then we headed on after a quick diaper change.

In Lubbock we stumbled upon a Bahama Bucks and I felt it was entirely necessary to stop, even though we weren't hungry. It's ice - there's always room for ice. It was well worth the stop and the money.

Our next stop wasn't until Abilene. We bought a cord for the iPod, checked out the mall logo that Ben designed back when we were in Santa Fe (he wasn't too pleased with it, but I snapped a picture anyway). Then we ate dinner and checked out a prairie dog preserve. We wasted two valuable hours there, but I think Lucas needed the break.

Shortly after Abilene, Lucas dumped his water bottle on Maddie, so we had to stop and let her change shorts. During this stop, a mosquito entered the car. About 10 bites (on my body) later I finally killed him.

Around 11:30pm we pulled into Austin. After spending a weekend sans air conditioning, our house was about 95 degrees upstairs. Lucas refused to go to bed once he was reunited with his toys - it was too hot anyways. We were all in bed in an 85-degree house by 2am.

The car did great. Ben was a great driver. I was a great driver for the 45 minutes I drove, and Maddie and Lucas were great passengers.

Oh yeah, Austin is freakin hot. We miss the good old Albuquerque weather.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

This is the BIG one!

Hey Everyone,

I know, I know. We're always begging for your votes, but this one is for real. This is big. This is for 10K. This is pure genius. I mean, the boy had to design each little piece of camouflage. It took time. And did I mention it was for $10,000? It's in a contest for Design By Human's anniversary, hence the large cash reward.

So, please, PLEASE, go here and vote for Ben's shirt. You need to sign up for an account if you don't have one, but it's easy, and they don't send you all sorts of junk mail.
When you get there, all you have to do is press the "vote" button. Easy as pie. Easy as a frozen pie from HEB.

Another thing that's easy? You could tell your friends to vote too! That would be swell - real swell.

(FYI - Ben's Urban Assault shirt will be printed soon. Thanks for voting. The Taking Tree shirt is all sold out. We should have bought more when we had the chance!)
Thanks a million. Our car and house payments thank you, too.