Monday, November 10, 2008

Bike Rack Ben

Ben entered a contest to design a bike rack for the Downtown Austin Alliance. He was one of three chosen winners and his bike rack will be built in front of the Art Museum on Congress.

Ben will be a busy boy now trying to find all the bike gears to use. When he first entered the contest, I didn't know he would be responsible for making sure it got built, but he is.

You can read about it and see the other winning designs here.

Congratulations, Baby!


Matt and Melody said...

VERY cool design, Ben. Congrats!
Suzy, I got such a laugh out of your stake conference story. I just can't imagine where Lucas gets his free-spirited, energetic personality, though... ;)

Kim said...

I love it!! I think his was the best!

Jamie said...

Great design! Congratulations!