Saturday, July 31, 2010

One Night Stand

Last weekend we used our voucher for a free night at Barton Creek Resort & Spa. We originally wanted to go kid-less, but that was impossible so we took them for a fun family adventure.

We arrived in the afternoon and decided to hit the mini golf and the pool, only to have it rain when we stepped outside. Instead we played in the "summer game room" equipped with arcade games, a wii, and a ping pong table. Ben and Lucas enjoyed racing eachother (but Ben had to press the gas pedal for both machines), Lucas and I enjoyed some Miss Pac-Man and pin ball, and Evan and I enjoyed beating Ben in ping pong... or I'm sure we would have if we took score.

We finally did make it out to the mini golf and played about 5 or 6 holes. Lucas just kind of pushed the ball with his club and didn't care to receive instruction. The pool was very pretty with lots of nice plants around it... and some little bugs in the water. And the jacuzzi was awesome. Finally we headed in, showered, and went out for Thai food. There was no way we could afford the lovely price of the restaurant there.

That night Lucas wanted to sleep in the closet like he did in San Antonio. I was up almost every hour that night trying to keep one kid from waking up the other. Binky in Evan, cover up Lucas, binky for Evan, put Lucas back in closet, binky for Evan, put Lucas in a real bed, feed Evan, put Lucas back in closet, etc.

For breakfast we had some junk, then went on a nature walk. After checkout we headed to IHOP for lunch and our adventure was over.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Funny Stuff - Dentist & Church

On Sunday at church during the sacrament Ben was whispering to Lucas, explaining again that the bread represents Jesus' body and the water represents Jesus' blood. To sum it all up, he asked Lucas, "What does the bread represent?"
Lucas: "Jesus' body."
Ben: "Yes. And what does the water represent?"
Lucas: "Jesus' butt."
We could hardly contain ourselves... the boy doesn't whisper so well, but we didn't get too many strange looks. I guess that's what we get for explaining so quietly.

Today was Lucas's very first dentist appointment. They had him go back all by himself, which he did after a little hesitation. I'm sure he was much better without me, though. One of the assistants came out to ask me something at one point and told me Lucas was so funny and that they wanted to keep him! She said the hygienist told Lucas he had 20 teeth. "Wow! That's a lot!" he responded. "Where did you get all your teeth?" she asked. "From our Heavenly Father" Lucas said. At that point, he won everyone's heart. Each person made sure to tell me what he said as I checked out. What a sweet boy...

Friday, July 23, 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy 6 months, Evan!

Six months ago today my littlest angel was born. He made his debut faster than I had ever dreamed, and was bigger than I'd ever imagined. I got the epidural that I thought had ruined my life, and my little Lucas became a big brother. I also spent my very first night away from Lucas. EVER.

To celebrate I took Evan to the doctor. His stats are:
Weight: 18 lbs. 10 oz (73%)
Height: 28 in. (92%)
Head: 45 cm. (75%)
Lucas was 18 lbs. 9 oz, 29 in. and 46 cm. Pretty close!

Tonight at dinner Evan got to have solid food for the first time. I whipped up a batch of the finest rice cereal with the most delectable breast milk money can buy. He didn't quite know what to think. He made some really funny faces, and convulsed a bit if he got a thicker bite of cereal. Evan did love to play with the spoon, though. That was his favorite part. It was a mess. My life just got a little bit harder...

Evan is rolling over like a champ. He loves to get into things and he's a big fan of cell phones and remote controls. He cries if you take the remote away from him, just like a man. He is so laid back and relaxed. Evan's quite the dream baby. He laughs at all the silly things Lucas does and thinks I'm pretty hilarious, too. I just love this kid so so so so much. I'm so thankful for him!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Morning Helper

Today Lucas woke up before 7:00, as he has the last three or four days (and he went to bed after 10:00). Ben told him it wasn't time to get up yet, but that he could play toys in his room. So, he did. Loudly. He came in once asking for help with his shirt, then he came back for help buttoning his shorts, which were on backwards. BUT, the outfit matched. He was also wearing his fireman helmet - his favorite accessory. You can get him to do just about anything if you say, "Firefighter Lucas, would you please..." because firefighters are heroes and they help people.
Anyhow, a few minutes later we heard screeching noises from the laundry room. He was loading the clean clothes into the dryer. It's hard work for a little kid. He has to climb up, hence the screeching noises, then reach far down into the washing machine to get the clothes. He successfully transferred all the clothes, started the dryer and came back to our room. He's so cute... even way too early in the morning.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pantry Makeover

Last night I emptied the whole pantry. My goal: to find the source of the tiny ants, destroy them, simultaneously clean the pantry. Goal completed by 2:45 today.
Last night:Now: hooray.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dress Up for Men

Today Bently came to play. It's so nice having a boy for Lucas to play with! They had lots of fun playing trains, cars, and bugs. Most of their playing involved someone getting rescued at one point or another by a firefighter, airplane, helicopter, or crane. Before Bently headed home, they discovered the costumes and took turns in those. Remember when that Elmo costume dwarfed Lukie two years ago. Crazy how time flies - and how big he's getting! Lucas plans on being a firefighter again this year. Easiest costume ever!

Cute things he says

I'm at that post pregnancy stage where not only am I still a chunk, but my hair is falling out by the truckload. It's annoying for the whole family, as they frequently find themselves entangled in a mass of hair.
Tonight Lucas was in the bathtub and I had just explained to him why my hair was falling out. He said, "But Mom, we don't want you to look like Daddy!" It's true, Lucas, I definitely don't want to look like Daddy. No offense, Daddy.

The other night we had some boys whose wives were out of town over for dinner. Scott was kind enough to bring a bowl of jiggly red jello - every kid's dream. Lucas said, "This jello tickles my body!" I think that's a good thing. Good work, Scott!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

McKinney Falls

Last Monday we headed to McKinney Falls State Park with the Baldwins and the Sandalls. It's only about 25 minutes away, so it's a great place to go for a little adventure! We knew going out that the water was probably dirty due to all the rain we have had recently, so we didn't go prepped to swim. We had a picnic, then walked to the upper falls where people were swimming in this rank water that, to me, looked similar what one would find at a waste treatment plant. Well, maybe not that bad, but I wouldn't want my dog to swim there. We walked around for a bit and then headed to the lower falls, which were much better. We let the kids walk around in the flowing water above the waterfall, where we knew the water would be cleaner. Before long they were totally soaked, using the rocks as water slides, and having the best time ever. Luckily none of them got sick, despite catching Simon drinking water from a rock. I think we all regretted not wearing our swimsuits...

Notice how the Sandall's picture came out perfect with both kids looking at the camera. Lucky ducks.

Giggle Pants

My favorite sounds:

And click HERE to see a video of Evan after his nap.

And here's a funny video of Lucas helping me with dinner last week.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Same Sweet Boy

same pillow. same couch. three years later, same sweet boy.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Clothing Swap

I bought the boys new clothes at The Children's Place. I got them both blue polos among other things. Today Ben was getting them ready for church and I told him to put Lucas in the blue shirt I bought. He brought it in and asked it it was the right one and I confirmed.
We were rushed today and I didn't really get a chance to look at the kid, but after church I was disappointed that a 4T was already so short on him. I bought him two 4Ts and now I'd just have to save them for Evan!
I was relieved when I got home and took his shirt off to discover that it was really Evan's 6-9 month shirt. It was pretty funny and I can't believe it actually kind of fit him!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Recent Lucasisms & Evanisms

Lucas is just growing up so much! It seems like all at once he's becoming a boy and not my baby anymore.
It all started with the potty. Once he got that down he just blossomed... into a potty mouth. I always thought it was great how he never repeated any of the bad things that we said, and just within the past month he's started to follow our ways. Now, he's not saying anything bad, because would I ever say anything that bad?
Just funny things like, "Are you kidding me?" He says it all the time... after simple statements like, "Lucas, let's go for a walk."
Then he'll throw in a "you know" in sentences. I think he gets that from me. Like, "It's good to drink your milk, you know, because it's good for your bones."
Then there's "Holy crap!" and that's as bad as it gets. I think that's Ben's fault (and I think it's his fault that I say it, too) and Ben sees nothing wrong with it, but I think it sounds different coming from a three year-old.
The other night at dinner I told Lucas he needed to eat because he was hungry and he said, "No I amn't!" It was awesome.
Lucas can finally put his shoes on all by himself and he's getting better at dressing himself. Today he picked out a matching outfit (even the undies matched well) and got dressed all by himself.
Lucas is still working on writing and spelling and pronouncing. We're trying to work on his L's, V's, F's. Hopefully someday Evan won't be Ezan, we'll stop watching moozies, but we'll keep having so much sun! He has mastered his name, and pool (sounds more like pool-a), which used to be poo.
Lucas went to his very first acting audition last week. I had an audition for a photo shoot for a resort here. They wanted families, so I got to bring the whole crew. I told Lucas he might be video taped or have to play pretend. He was game. The casting director just had us all slate, which is when you say your name and show your profiles to the camera. Lucas said, "Lucas Austin Harman" and proceeded to turn to the side as directed. Then he asked us questions about our favorite vacation. Lucas was so excited to talk about going to Key West and the boat ride where he saw dolphins and went snorkeling. We were so proud of Lucas for not getting nervous. He was a total trooper and the Casting Director was very impressed.
Lucas finally has a little man friend! Bently and his family moved here for a summer internship and he and Lucas get along great. We've never had this happen before! All our close friends have girls, and it's so neat to see Lucas have a buddy. We hardly have to intervene with the two of them. Sometimes they fight it out for a bit, but they usually just work out their own problems. They are a little touchy and often depart with kisses on the cheek or head. I asked Lucas why he kisses Bently and he said, "Because I love (pronounced luz) Bently." I haven't had the heart to tell him Bently will be moving back to Utah in August...
Evan is still growing big and strong. He's got a huge noggin, a huge body, beautiful curves, and big blue eyes. He's very vocal. Right now he's in his bed "calling" me with his lovely squeals. Evan is very hands on and loves to play with his toys. He loves his toes and thinks they're great to suck on.
Evan is a good sleeper. He goes to sleep all by himself, as long as he has his binky and something soft to hug on.
Evan is quite the swimmer. He loves being in the pool and will often fall asleep and then finish his nap in the stroller.
He thinks his big brother is hilarious and doesn't know that it should be annoying for Lucas to be practically on top of him while he entertains.
I love my two boys so much. We have so much fun together and I'm so thankful for them!