Sunday, March 10, 2013

Artcrank and Ben's Birthday

Ben's birthday fell on the same day as the Artcrank Poster show this year. (Remember his poster from last year? It was beautifully letter pressed and ended up winning an award from a paper company.) This year Ben was so incredibly busy, but still wanted to enter a design, so he worked nonstop to the last minute to get a poster together. It's an abstract wheel, it says, "Bike to Work, Work to Eat, Eat to Live, Live to Bike" going around the wheel. On his artist's description next to his poster he made a note that he would be happy email a PDF to anyone's tattoo artist if they wished to have it tattooed on their back or face. It was pretty funny. (And he actually wanted them to say tattooer, not tattoo artist).

Anyhow, after Ben played two basketball games, we headed out the door at 9:00 to the poster show. I'm so not cool enough to hang at these poster shows with all the cool hipsters drinking their beer and smoking their cigarettes, but I did enjoy seeing all the cool posters. We were out of there by 10:00 and headed to dinner. Dinner at Gordough's, which used to be just a donut trailer, but is now a full blown bar and restaurant. We shared a sandwich and a donut. Ben's contact fell out while he was looking at the menu and we looked like dorks trying to find it with our cell phone lights. BUT Ben finally found it in his water glass!

Sunday night we continued the birthday celebrations at the Pete's house. It was Adam's birthday, too, so we had a combined party for the boys. I made this yummy chocolate cake with strawberries, whipped ganache and whipped cream filling. It was pretty delish. Although, I don't think the whipped ganache is necessary. Next time I'll use plain old ganache.

Speaking of cakes, I mentioned a post or two ago about how I made cakes for my friend's birthday. I made one chocolate one like the one above, but without the weird chocolate on the side. And this was the other one. Raspberry curd filling. Yummy chantilly cream frosting.  And yes, I know I should take the time to clear the table before I take pictures... oops.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Evan Schmevin

OK. Yes, I've been slacking lately. I'm sorry. Cute things are still happening around here, though. As a matter of fact, every day someone does something cute. Sometimes, two people are cute even. This post focuses on Evan's cuteness.

Last month I made a couple cakes for my sweet friend's birthday. Evan was very happy because cake baking means beater licking. In these pics he's enjoying some of the best frosting ever.

I've decided I need to teach my boys to be helpful in the house. When Lucas was 2 or 3 I didn't really want him to clean the toilet because it's gross. And now guess who thinks is gross to clean the toilet? Yes, Lucas. That's not gonna happen with Evan. He's my toilet helper now! Look how manly he is.
These two love to mess up my bedroom. They thought it was great fun to get under the covers and make a parachute.
Evan likes to be helpful in the shower. He always wants to use the squeegee... even on Lucas's face.

Funny things he's said:
Lucas made a fantastic Rock Rattlesnake diorama last week. He made the clay out of snake and I put it in the oven to dry faster. When I opened the oven door Evan saw it and shrieked.
I explained that it wasn't real, and he said, "oh how cute!" Then a minute later hesitantly asked, "Do I have to eat it?" So cute.

On Thursday we went to see the dioramas on display. I took Evan with me and he was so sad to leave and gave Lucas kiss after kiss. Each time he'd start to walk away he'd cry again and go back for another kiss. So sweet. 

My friend, Helda, and I started the Insanity workout a few weeks ago. Sometimes Evan gets on the floor and does stuff with us. I'm sure he looks so much cuter than either one of us. The other day he was even yelling "Dig Deeper!" at us, just like the guy on the video.

Evan is still crazy for airplanes, trains, and things that go. Last month we got to go to the little Georgetown Airport for a study trip with Lucas's class. Evan was in heaven. He sat with the rest of the kids and listened to the guy, who was a little boring, talk the whole time. Probably because they got to sit under an old B-25 Bomber the whole time. BUT, ever since then Evan has wanted to go to the BIG AIRPORT. And he asks multiple times every day to go to the stinkin' airport. EVERY DAY. Poor kid. 

Evan can be a little grouchy sometimes. His signature catchphrase is, "It's not funny!" whenever he is slightly offended. Whether or not someone is laughing doesn't matter. Also, "Its not crazy!" is another one. You can also tell he spends a lot of time in the car with me. As we drive around he'll say, "Seriously, car? Come on!" and nice stuff like that. We've all got to watch our mouths. Evan is so silly, sweet and funny. We sure are glad to have him.

Hoop Dreams - Knights Never Give Up!

Seriously Adorable
Lucas played on his very first basketball team this winter. It was a really fun. We managed to get a bunch of kids from his class on the team, so they were all friends. Ben coached, with Fiona's dad, Stephan, stepping up as Assistant Coach. It was quite a great crew.
Since the kids were all such good friends they had a tendency to goof around a lot at practice, but they had so much fun and it was totally worth it. I remember one night Ben just gave up and allowed the kids a minute to roll on the ground like maniacs. I think that's the same night everyone on the team ended up in tears except for two kids.

Lucas and Griffin celebrating a basket.

Lucas's dribbling improved a lot over the weeks.

Watching little kid basketball is probably the best entertainment you can get. It's also really stressful for some of us crazy parents who spend the majority of the time yelling, "Where's your guy?" or "Guard your wristband!" or "SHOOT!"
It was so fun, though, and we look forward to another season starting in June!
Soccer starts in just a few weeks. Ben won't be coaching that team... he doesn't do soccer.