Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hoop Dreams - Knights Never Give Up!

Seriously Adorable
Lucas played on his very first basketball team this winter. It was a really fun. We managed to get a bunch of kids from his class on the team, so they were all friends. Ben coached, with Fiona's dad, Stephan, stepping up as Assistant Coach. It was quite a great crew.
Since the kids were all such good friends they had a tendency to goof around a lot at practice, but they had so much fun and it was totally worth it. I remember one night Ben just gave up and allowed the kids a minute to roll on the ground like maniacs. I think that's the same night everyone on the team ended up in tears except for two kids.

Lucas and Griffin celebrating a basket.

Lucas's dribbling improved a lot over the weeks.

Watching little kid basketball is probably the best entertainment you can get. It's also really stressful for some of us crazy parents who spend the majority of the time yelling, "Where's your guy?" or "Guard your wristband!" or "SHOOT!"
It was so fun, though, and we look forward to another season starting in June!
Soccer starts in just a few weeks. Ben won't be coaching that team... he doesn't do soccer.

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