Sunday, September 9, 2012

Labor Day at Blue Hole

 On Labor Day we headed down to Wimberly to the Blue Hole, where we caught up with lots of friends. The Blue Hole is beautiful. There's a wonderful grassy area with trees, and then the water is really pretty and shady. The great thing is that they only let a limited amount of people in, so we never felt like it was too crazy.
After just a few minutes of swimming, Lucas was ready to leave because the water was cold. (Yet, sometimes he's perfectly happy to play in freezing cold water until he is blue). We informed him that we didn't just drive an hour and 15 minutes and pay and entrance fee, get our toes wet and leave.
I think the real problem was that he was a bit nervous about trying the rope swing. They have two of them. One that's shorter for kids and one that's big, for adults and brave kids. After much bribing and begging Lucas finally did the rope swing and LOVED it!

Evan wanted to do the rope swing and was just too small. Instead, he whined the entire time about wanting to "go in the pool" even when he was already in the water and he just wanted to be swam around to the deeper water. Ben was nice enough to accommodate this request. I, on the other hand didn't get wet past my thighs until the end when I went on the rope swing.

The kids ended up having a great time playing with friends and eating... and eating and eating. It was easy to just sit and relax in the shade because it was so pretty. I'm really glad we went. I've been wanting to go there for years and it made for a perfect Central Texas Labor Day.
On the way home we picked up Lucas's bribe - a Red Box pirate movie. Easy as pie.

(And thanks to Marco for being paparazzo for a day and taking some great shots of the kids; although, I managed to take a few... like the last 3, so I'm not a total loser mom)