Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday, Lucas!

Today Lucas turned FIVE years old. F-i-v-e! We knew Ben was going to be at work late tonight, so we decided to have an early morning birthday party. Ben and I walked downstairs with Lucas and he was so surprised when he saw the decorations. Then we sang Happy Birthday to him and he loved it. He was so excited to get to open a couple presents first thing in the morning, too! We got him an awesome Batman set with a Batmobile, 2 Batmans, Robin and 3 bad guys. Then he got a safari animal set we found online. He agreed not to open the boxes until we got home from school.

After I dropped Lucas off I made cupcakes to take to his class, ran errands, and took a folder to Ben at work. At 3:00 Evan and I surprised Lucas in his classroom with cupcakes with dinosaurs on them. The kids were really excited.
After school Lucas had a great time playing with his new toys. Sadly, the head fell off the hippo and the arm came off the Safari man within 10 minutes. Tears ensued. We'll be returning that toy set for sure!

For dinner Lucas requested Taco Bell and I was just fine with that! We ran and picked up some tacos and then a few friends came to help me sing Happy Birthday for a third time today. Then the Hollands stopped by and Lucas made them sing to him, too, in order for them to receive some cake.
The cake was chocolate with white chocolate whipped cream filling w/ strawberries and raspberries. Batman was made out of chocolate frosting. I tried making black frosting and it looked too disgusting. Lucas was pleased with his cake regardless.

While I was busy decorating the cake, the boys did a great job taking care of themselves. Here is Lucas with his Batmobile, and Evan after feeding himself his yogurt so I could clean up.

I'm so thankful that 5 years ago my life changed forever when a teeny little man appeared in my arms. I love you, Lucas. Happy Birthday!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Week in Review

Last week was quite the week! Tuesday I got to go on a field trip with Lucas's class to the Pflugerville Fire Department. Lucas thought it was great. He answered all the questions about why a firefighter needs an ax, oxygen, and a hat. He would also clarify what the firefighters were saying a lot. If the firefighter was talking about the hoses on the truck and how big they were, Lucas would say, "So, it's just like the hose in my backyard, but bigger?" His teacher said he does this all the time and she loves it because maybe he's helping other kids understand by putting it in a kid's perspective.

After the Fire Station we went to the park and ate/played for a while. A long while. It was hot and Evan and I were sticky and ready to leave when the time came. Lucas had a lot of fun and was exhausted after school that day!

Tuesday night I was heading out for my run when I realized the house was getting hotter and hotter. Our AC was broken! We managed to survive the night with the house reaching 86 degrees. The next day was pretty disgusting. I tried to go on a couple adventures with Evan. I got pulled over by a cop for speeding on a street I drive ALL the time, in a speed trap I see ALL the time. Luckily he was impressed that I hadn't gotten a ticket since 1998 and set me free with a warning. As I drove away I started to cry. I hate getting in trouble.
The AC was finally fixed at 6:30 that night. I think the max temp the house reached was 91. It was gross. I am thankful for air conditioning. Evan was fortunate enough to get to play in the hose that day to cool off.

Thursday... well, Thursday I did some laundry since I didn't get to do any Tue or Wed. When I did the laundry I found a yellow crayon in the bottom of the washer. I thought I was so fortunate to find it before I put the clothes in the dryer. When I got the clothes out of the dryer everything was RED. It was horrible. The dryer was red, too. Through the miracle of 1+ bottles of WD-40 and 4 rounds in the washer I got the clothes pretty much clean. I threw away Ben's basketball shirt/socks immediately and my tan shorts perished in the accident as well, but everything else is wearable!

And that is how my week went last week. Here's to a better week this week... if only these ants would get out of my house!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Evan Boy

I might get a couple complaints here and there from people saying I don't post enough pictures of Evan. (You know how the second kid never has as many pictures and videos as the first kid? )Well, here you go! See, I do take a lot of pictures, I just never post them. And I'll work on the videos.

In the last picture has a story. Last week Lucas and I were upstairs getting ready to go to the pool. When we got downstairs we found Evan like this - COVERED in white powder. At first I thought it was powdered sugar because he was playing with the powdered sugar tupperware. But after a little photo session and making my way over to the pantry, I found out that he was actually covered in a most delicious homemade pancake mix. It was all over the floor. And then there were little trails leading off all over the kitchen to the different places he had visited. It was such a mess. SUCH a mess. But we managed to get it cleaned up and made our way to the pool anyways.

The whole thing reminded us of Lucas's egg incident and the unforgettable watermelon slip. You need to check those videos out if you haven't seen them.