Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday, Lucas!

Today Lucas turned FIVE years old. F-i-v-e! We knew Ben was going to be at work late tonight, so we decided to have an early morning birthday party. Ben and I walked downstairs with Lucas and he was so surprised when he saw the decorations. Then we sang Happy Birthday to him and he loved it. He was so excited to get to open a couple presents first thing in the morning, too! We got him an awesome Batman set with a Batmobile, 2 Batmans, Robin and 3 bad guys. Then he got a safari animal set we found online. He agreed not to open the boxes until we got home from school.

After I dropped Lucas off I made cupcakes to take to his class, ran errands, and took a folder to Ben at work. At 3:00 Evan and I surprised Lucas in his classroom with cupcakes with dinosaurs on them. The kids were really excited.
After school Lucas had a great time playing with his new toys. Sadly, the head fell off the hippo and the arm came off the Safari man within 10 minutes. Tears ensued. We'll be returning that toy set for sure!

For dinner Lucas requested Taco Bell and I was just fine with that! We ran and picked up some tacos and then a few friends came to help me sing Happy Birthday for a third time today. Then the Hollands stopped by and Lucas made them sing to him, too, in order for them to receive some cake.
The cake was chocolate with white chocolate whipped cream filling w/ strawberries and raspberries. Batman was made out of chocolate frosting. I tried making black frosting and it looked too disgusting. Lucas was pleased with his cake regardless.

While I was busy decorating the cake, the boys did a great job taking care of themselves. Here is Lucas with his Batmobile, and Evan after feeding himself his yogurt so I could clean up.

I'm so thankful that 5 years ago my life changed forever when a teeny little man appeared in my arms. I love you, Lucas. Happy Birthday!

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