Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Party

We had Lucas's birthday party on Labor Day at a super-cool splash park. After all, you can't have a Summer birthday party outside in Austin, unless there's water involved. Well, at least that would have been the case the day before. Labor Day just so happened to be the first day in 80 days, that the temperature was below 100 degrees. The poor children had to play in the water in 90 degree weather. Their blue lips quivered as they sat tightly wrapped in their damp towels eating their cake. Poor kids. There was a slight breeze to make it even worse. Really, the weather would have been perfect for a day at the park, but oh well.

Despite the frigid temps, the kids had lots of fun, and Lucas had a wonderful time. The added bonus was that he got to eat chips and drink soda. For food I decided to bring pulled pork in the crock pot and make sandwiches. I made cookies and cream cupcakes - vanilla or chocolate cupcakes with smashed Oreos in them, with the best frosting I've ever made. It was just a cream cheese frosting with smashed Oreos mixed in. YUM. I could eat it plain. Lucas, however, ran away after we sang to him and left his cupcake for me. Apparently playing in the water was even better than the best frosting on Earth.

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Thanks to all our friends who made the trek all the way up North for the festivities. Lucas had a great time and was so happy his friends could join him running around like a wild beast.


The Wife said...

I'm so sad we missed the festivities. It looks like Lucas had a great celebration!

Shan said...

That place looks so cool! Did it have water slides?

Scott said...

That was really sad seeing the guys sitting there. I wish we could have been there too! Maybe next year.

Suzy said...

Shannon - one slide, made of concrete. By the end of summer it wasn't quite as smooth... but Evan played on it the WHOLE time.
Scott - you better be here next year. No "maybe" about it. We can just go to the same place to recreate the experience. The guys will even sit on the wall for you.