Thursday, January 28, 2010

Caffeine Pills

Last night at about 10:00 my headache came back. The doc suggested I try bed rest and caffeine. Since I'm not a coffee drinker and not a fan of soda, Ben and Mom picked up some NoDoz for me today. In a few days this could be me:

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


9 lbs. 1 oz & 20 inches long
Sorry for the huge delay in the blog post -- things have been a little crazy!
Let's start with last week... (if you feel like reading a short novel)
Monday night my mom was supposed to get in at 11:30, but instead was delayed a few hours, so I retrieved her from the airport at 1:40am.
Tuesday we went to my last OB appointment and he stirred some things up for me, so I was hoping to go into labor on Wednesday. Instead I was sore all day and ran around at the park trying to put myself into labor. I pulled lots of muscles that I still feel :).
Thursday morning Ben and I headed to the hospital for my induction at 6:00. It was early and dark. Ben wasn't happy that we had to be there so early. I drove while Ben shaved.
7:30 - I was hooked up to my IV and learning how to use the interweb on the TV, dilated to 5 cm. The nurse said, "We'll have a baby by lunch! If not, by 3:00 for sure."
8:00 - they had started my pitocin to get contractions going stronger. At 8:30 the doctor came in and broke my water, making contractions even stronger. He said he be back at lunch to get the baby out.
8:45 - I was hurting and asked for my epidural.
9:15 - epidural in place.
9:45 - still not fully numb. Nurse says anesthesiologist can come try again.
9:45 - nurse checks me b/c baby's heart rate is telling her something. Dilated to 10. Game time. Call Mom and tell her to come. Call anesthesiologist and tell him never mind.
9:50 - A whole crew of nurses come in with all sorts of carts and equipment. Oh, it really is game time! Mom won't make it in time. Doctor shows up way before lunch.
9:59 - All prepped ready to push. Doctor ready to catch baby. Push through two contractions.
10:04 - Evan is born.

They put him right up on my tummy and we were all amazed at his size. Evan immediately started putting his hands in his mouth. They eventually took him off to weigh, measure, and scrub goop off. When he came back he was ready for some grub. We were delighted to meet our new little man.

It was seriously such a wonderful experience. I know it's gross and bloody and messy, but still so cool. Best feeling in the world!

My mom got there around 11:00 to meet the little man. She left Lucas with Jeana and he came back later in the afternoon. Lucas was excited to meet his new brother. He told me, "Thank you, Mom! And you're not fat anymore!" After meeting the baby, Lucas enjoyed juice from the nourishment room along with movies on his DVD player and library books.

Thursday night Wendy and Blair stopped by. Ben and Blair were gonna take the kids out for dinner, but he decided instead to go put Lucas in bed. He was exhausted. Mom and I stayed at the hospital and had a fun night of remembering life with a newborn.
Because of his weight, Evan had to have his sugar levels checked a lot. His poor little heels have about 12 poke marks on them. He always did great, though. He also tested Coombs positive (because my blood is O- and his is A+), which meant he was much more likely to develop jaundice. So, he had to be tested for that also, but instead of a heel prick, they had to get blood from his little baby veins, so he has a little bruised hand and bruised foot now. Poor baby.

Anyhow, Friday was a new day and Mom and I slept in the room until about 8:45. We had no windows, which was weird, but allowed us to pretend it was night time. Evan continued to poop and pee like a rock star and did well on his blood tests. That afternoon the Rothes came to see us and then Ben and Mom took Lucas out to dinner while I stayed at the hospital. Lucas was crying when he left and that of course made me cry. Welcome to town, Baby Blues. I cried a lot that night, but the nurses were really nice to me. Later I was so relieved when Ben walked in the door to stay the night. It was nice to have him to cuddle with when the nurses took Evan away for more tests. Ben watched a movie while I slept and I'm sure he slept great on his little bed.
That night my awesome nurse offered to take Evan for me so I could get a nap in. He just didn't want to sleep in his own bed, so she took him from about 2-5am, which was great. Apparently he enjoyed listening to Michael Jackson at the nurses station.
Saturday Evan had more tests. My doctor came to release me. I told him that I had a headache and the meds weren't helping. I neglected to tell him about how it was better when I would lie down... I really thought it was from all the crying and didn't think too much of it.
Evan was released from the hospital as long as I agreed to bring him back Sunday for another blood test to check his jaundice. Agreed - 10:00, Sunday.
Ben, Lucas, and I headed home. Mom took the other car to IKEA, where she luckily didn't get too lost, and then to the grocery store.
Evan decided that night he preferred to be in bed with me as opposed to the portable crib next to my bed. I got more sleep that way, though.

Sunday morning we got up to take Evan to the hospital. I immediately knew then that my headache was much more serious that I previously thought. By this point it had started down my neck and shoulders. I called my doctor and he agreed that it sounded like I had a complication with my epidural, where they punctured through to the spinal fluid resulting in a leak. No spinal fluid = pain. So, my doctor arranged for us to all be treated in the ER. The anesthesiologist performed a blood patch, where they draw blood from your arm and put it in your back really close to the original epidural spot. The blood clots the hole and replaces the fluid giving often instant relief.

I felt better after. By that night I was feeling great, aside from the backache.

Monday morning I woke up to get Evan to his doctor's appointment. I was getting ready when suddenly something happened and the headache was back instantly.
Ben and I continued to the doctor, who said Evan looked grrrrreat, and I called my doctor on the way home. I told him I would try to manage it with pain meds for the day and call him in the afternoon. When I talked to him again he said I probably needed to come back in to the ER, but he would leave it up to me.
By 9:00pm I couldn't take it anymore and Mom and I headed to the ER. We were there from 10:00 - 1:30am. Another doctor performed the same procedure, but poked me twice due to bad placement the first time. This time I felt immediate relief. The had me lie down flat and raised me up slowly over the course of an hour. On the way home Mom and I pulled over at a car dealership to feed Evan and we made it home around 2am.
Tuesday I stayed in bed most of the day to try to avoid screwing up my back again. Staying in bed is lame. TV stinks. I found myself wanting to watch Dora and Arthur even though Lucas wasn't in the room. Ben took Lucas to a free class at Gymboree and they had lots of fun.
Last night Evan slept the best he has thus far. From 12:00 - 3:00 in his bed, then I fed him in my bed and put him back in his bed where he slept again from 6:00 - 8:30. His favorite new place to sleep is on the Love Sac. Who can blame him? He likes to sleep with his arms up around his face, and he's so cute!
Today has been a good day. My back still hurts, but not as bad as yesterday. I'm still trying to take it easy. Mom and Lucas went with Jamie and Anna to another class at Gymboree - a music class this time. I think it was a little noisy for Mom, but she survived. Lucas came home with a new cool puzzle that he enjoys.
Well, I guess that's about it... We're doing well. I'm so grateful to our wonderful friends and family who have supported us during this transition. My mom has been such a trooper, as has Ben. I couldn't have survived without them.
We'll keep you posted as we keep growing big and strong!

Friday, January 15, 2010

let me count the ways...

Dear Belli oil,
I love you. As our days together dwindle, I am thankful for all that we have accomplished over the past 6 months. Thank you for soothing my itchy belly, for moisturizing my rapidly-expanding skin, and for calming my nerves. You truly are a miracle worker. We have less than a week left together and I look forward to our daily applications. Thank you for saving my belly (and for proving a certain man wrong).
Forever grateful,

(Yes, less than a week left. Time really has flown by. I'm due next Saturday, but am predicting a Wednesday delivery. If not Wednesday, then for sure Thursday.)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Anyone want to make a guess as to when this kid will be born? He's due on Sat, the 23rd...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

So far in 2010...

For New Year's Eve I made chocolate fondue and a cheeseball and called it dinner. Clay and Andrea dined with us. Lucas enjoyed their company, as well as The Very Hungry Caterpillar DVD we borrowed from the library (which Ben happened to mail back to Amazon along with the Blu Ray Player we were exchanging - a new one is coming from eBay that we can take to the Library). Lucas went to bed at about 8:30 and Clay and Andrea left at 10:00 when their boys started fussing. Ben and I were in bed by 11:30 - first time I've ever missed the ball drop.

On New Year's Day we had a little brunch at our house. The food was yummy. The kids all played with the train table, which was funny. Lucas did get flustered a couple times and took it apart. After a final warning, Ben was putting it away in a trash bag until Lucas earned it back the next day. He hasn't torn it apart since. Here's a video of all 7 kids playing at the table.

(Ben's voice is messed up b/c he got a shoulder to the throat last week at basketball... I think it's getting better now, but it hurt for a long time!)

On Friday afternoon we took Christmas down, which was sad, but it was also nice to get things cleaned up. You can see, Lucas is a better photographer than me - I can't seem to focus right.

Saturday we took Lucas to Zilker Park. They have a great playground, but all he ever wants to do is walk on the train tracks. This time we actually got to ride the train, which he thought was fantastic. Lucas was excited to give his ticket to the man when he came by. And when the ride was over, Lucas stopped by the front of the train and personally thanked the Conductor for the ride. It was very sweet. After the ride we played by the water for a bit. In the past week we've learned our lesson that if we take Lucas near a body of water, he's going to fall in at least up to his shins. I had to wash muddy shoes twice this week!

Even though it's 2010, Lucas still enjoys painting, letters, words, and spelling. Thanks to Lisa for our cool word builder! He likes it a lot.

After three weeks off, Ben went back to work on Monday morning. Lucas and I were both sad, but I think Ben was kind of excited. We all managed to have good days and a nice dinner when Ben got home.
Everything is still smooth sailing on the baby front. I had my 37 week appointment today and I can't believe we will very likely have a kid in a couple weeks. Part of me wants to keep him in there until I'm 40 weeks (we all know it's worse when they're out, right?), then part of me looks at Ben's big head and thinks it would be nice to have a baby that is less than 8 pounds... I mean really, 6 something would be fantastic.

Monday, January 4, 2010

One more...

Here's one more shirt Ben got up today... It's on the French website.
Thanks for voting!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 - let's start voting!

Happy 2010! So, we're gonna have this kid in a couple weeks, then taxes are due. Basically, we could really use some votes on these t-shirts so we can get some cash in the bank! Thanks.
(FYI, if you don't vote, Obama will have to give us all of your money - how's that for a threat?).

by benharman

Click HERE to vote for the Mermate. This site in in Portuguese. Press the "5" with the crown, please :).

Click HERE to vote for another Burn Baby Burn. This one's in English.

And finally, click HERE for the awesomely bright Trianglion. Sometimes this site in is French. Click on the heart if you would.