Monday, June 25, 2007

Getting into it ALL!

I'm sure no matter how many toys we bought Lucas, he would still prefer the non-toys we have around the house. The toys that aren't supposed to be toys. For example, we have a couple pieces of poster board that he plays with for a few minutes each day. He also enjoys a purple colander, a couple sifters (big and small), metal mixing bowls (very noisy on the tile), and right now he's enjoying the little door into the CD player on Ben's computer (don't tell Ben).

Over the past several days I've found him playing with some new and exciting things. He thinks it's fun to adventure into our bathroom. Now that he can pull himself up, he likes to hang out by the toilet, which isn't very pleasing to a germaphobe like me, but what can I do? The other day I actually found him sucking on the toilet seat. I was afraid to kiss him after that... kind of like how you don't want to kiss the dog because you know he licks his bum. Anyhow, now we finally have a great reason to enforce the rule about putting the toilet seat down. Score - Suzy!!!

After Lucas found his way up the toilet, he discovered a fun toy called the toilet paper roll. In the following video you can see how Lucas enjoyed his time with the roll of TP.

Lucas also likes to trek into our closet. There's lots of bags to get into, clothes to yank on, and shoelaces to tug. The other day he found an old bag from Fredericks of Hollywood and had fun with it's contents for a while... Hey, at least someone's enjoying it!

Later, Lucas was wandering around our bedroom when I heard a big crash. He pulled up to my "nightstand" and pulled off the top shelf, along with everything on the shelf. I ran over, grabbed my wedding ring from the pile, and then ran for the camera.

Once in a while Lucas becomes such a handful, that you just need to put him in a cage. Since Ben and I currently do not own a cage (but we are in the market for one), I just stuck him in the bathtub with a few toys (ie: hanger, measuring spoons, ducky) and it did the trick just fine. I managed to get my makeup on while he played for a few minutes, and then he was out and on the hunt for more things to decimate.We love our little guy. He's moving a million miles an hour, making messes by the minute, but at least he's sweet and happy while he's out and about.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Lucas sure loves eating. Three weeks ago he was just a regular kid eating baby food, cereal and Cheerios. Then we went to Albuquerque. My first night out on the town with the girls, Mom and Carrie fed Lucas all kinds of fun stuff; like steamed carrots and watermelon. They said he just kept eating and eating. And that was the beginning of Lucas' real love of food.

We had a big family dinner one Sunday and Lucas ate straight for about 45 minutes. I'm sure part of it is that he had lots to watch so he wouldn't get bored, but he loved it. It was great because we could feed him most meals in the backyard, where we could hose off the high chair, AND Oscar and Nala would eat all the food Lucas dropped on the floor, which was convenient. Here, I have to pick up all the food he drops, which is not nearly as convenient. I do have to admit that for a split second I thought about leaving some of it on the floor hoping he would eat it as he crawled around... but I don't even believe in the "Three Second Rule" so that would have been pure blasphemy.

I bought Lucas this new bib to catch all the food he drops (less than half makes it into his mouth). The bib is great because after I take his tray away to clean it, he still has all this food in his bib he can nibble on. I believe he thinks it's just an alternative to his regular eating surface.
Here are a few pictures of his first meal with the new bib.

Kind of gross, but kind of funny...

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!

This morning while Lucas was crying from 5:45-6:30, I tried to write a little poem for Ben's first Father's Day. It rhymes with a good night book we have...

Here it goes:

A Poem for Daddy
By Lucas Austin Harman

The garage door closed not long ago.
Now big tall Daddy comes inside.
To take a rest and eat some grub.
With food all over, Yum Yum Yum!

With one on top and one beneath,
They kiss and kiss and kiss Luke’s feet.
And when the moon is on the rise,
They all go up for bathin’ time.

And down once more, but not so fast.
Lucas has gone to bed at last.
The day is done. They say “good night.”
And then they turn off all the lights.

The moon is high.
The creeper’s asleep.
And Mommy and Daddy don’t hear a peep.

So, that's it. Ben laughed because I "rhymed" ago with inside. Oops. I guess I could have tried harder, but it was too early in the morning. For Father's Day Ben got a big tub of snacks to take to work. He never eats when he stays late, so he's always starving. I, on the other had, always had snacks with me or I would go crazy when I was working. Hopefully he will stay full now... and not eat them all in one day.

Kisses to all the daddies.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Walk Through The Woods!

Hooray! My first blog entry. I hope everyone's excited to get regular updates on what's happening in Austin, Tejas. At least the plan is for me to put regular updates... we'll see.

I thought our adventure this morning was worth an entry, so I signed up right away during nap time.

After some rain this morning we went on a walk through the neighborhood. There is some new development a few blocks away from us, so we decided to explore over there. Eventually we went through the woods to a dirt road that will eventually become a real road that we can use to get to the other side of our Pioneer Crossing (our development). Anyhow, we (meaning Ben) decided this would be a fun adventure.

So, we took little Lucas in his stroller through the woods, over a huge pile of rocks and onto the muddy road. After a minute our sandals were building up mud on the bottoms, making us each a few inches taller and making our shoes weigh a ton more. The tires on the stroller were also becoming caked with mud and appeared to be inches larger than their actual size. At this point I thought we should turn around and go back the normal way, but Ben was determined to make it through the woods. I agreed only because I knew it would make a good story.

After what seemed like an hour of trudging through the mud and trees, getting bitten by mosquitoes (only me), and eating plants (only Lucas), we finally made it out of the wilderness to the familiar pavement of suburban Austin. It was good to see concrete again. We tried scraping the mud off of our shoes and the stoller, but it was the most sticky mud ever. I snapped a few pictures with my camera phone so I could verify the story.

When we got home Ben spent about 30 mins in the backyard cleaning our precious stroller while I played with Lucas inside. After all that he said it was still worth it.