Monday, May 16, 2011

Tee Ball and Chocolate

The weather here has been fantastic lately. We had a beautiful weekend and tried to take advantage of the picture-perfect evenings outdoors. Ben bought Lucas a little tee ball stand, so we played a bit of that and then some badminton, of course.

After day two of enjoying the wonderful outdoors, I decided we should also enjoy something wonderful indoors - chocolate fondue with strawberries. See, we had these pesky strawberries aging in the fridge, as well as an annoying bar of dark chocolate taking up space in the pantry, then there was some whipping cream and some marshmallow cream that was bugging me. So, really, I was doing some Spring cleaning.
It.Was.Good. Evan loved it! In the first picture below you can see his frustration because I am holding his fork full of chocolaty goodness instead of him. In the second picture you can see how happy he was once I gave it to him. Lucas was also a fan. He thought it was plate-licking good!

You know another great thing about this weather? Evan gets to visit the hose a couple times day. A few weeks ago E-man had a couple blowouts. You know - the kind where you don't know how you're going to clean it up because the kid is such a mess you wish you could just dip him in the annoying neighbor's jacuzzi? And you know when you attempt to change the diaper you'll have to pin his arms down because he'll try to imitate a steamroller, ruining your entire house?
Well, I decided to try washing the kid off outside. Guess what? Worked like a charm. The water in the hose was nice and warm from the sun. Evan gets to play in the water dripping from the faucet, and I don't use wipes, thus saving the environment. Oh, did you catch how that suddenly changed to present tense, instead of the past tense? Yeah, well I kind of got addicted to the baby bidet and now when we have a stinky diaper, I head straight outside. Don't judge.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Just a few tidbits of information since last time...
First off, I made cute Mother's Day gifts. Do you love them? Check out my peeps at OBB.
Saturday we went to the Austin Zoo. Lucas loved it. It's not a big zoo, but they have lions, tigers, and a bear. Oh my!
It was hot by the time we got there in the afternoon, so most of the big cats were resting in the shade. The shade far away from us. My favorite part was the warning sign at the Lion's cage.
After the zoo we hit up a yummy Indian restaurant. Our kids were crazy. Ben was done. His breaking point was when he was repromanding Lucas for spilling rice everywhere and acting like an animal when Evan pulled a glass of water down all over himself. I thought it was kind of funny. From dinner we went to Central Market, the place with the best shopping bags ever, where the boys bought some fixins for Mother's Day breakfast.

Lucas had been excited for Mother's Day for a week or two, so he was happy when he got to wake me up Sunday morning and help me down the stairs, where I discovered a perfectly clean toy room (thanks to Lukie), kitchen, and living room (thanks to Ben), as well as a yummy breakfast all for me: waffles, strawberries, and fancy muffins. Lucas was so excited. He's so cute. We had a lovely breakfast. While we were eating Lucas said, "Mommeeeeeeey, I think you're ready for another babeeeeeyyyyyy!" I thought that was a really funny thing to say. Ben didn't.

We had a lovely morning. The boys had a huge wrestling/jump on daddy match, while I got ready for church. I didn't manage to get good pics, but you get the general idea. Lucas got up with the Primary kids at church and sang a lovely song. He did great and it made me cry a little bit. It might have made a certain 6 1/2 foot-tall man tear up, too, but you'll have to ask him if you see him.

And lastly, what's sadder than little baby feet covered in fire ant bites? Lots of things, but isn't it disgusting and sad looking? Poor baby. They were all nasty and I wanted to pop them so bad. I thought everyone had such bad reactions to ant bites, but apparently it's just me and Evan... gross. Thanks, Texas.

Monday, May 2, 2011

I liken Lucas to a Black Lab - he needs to run. Last night we decided to go out and enjoy nature's finest ducks... well, the finest ducks that Wells Branch had to offer. Most of them are pretty scary looking.
We managed to get some great shots of Lucas. Sometimes you have to go places you wouldn't normally go if you're going to get the shot. For Lucas, it's potty humor. But at last, we might have something new to add to our wall. Thank you, potty humor!