Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Babble Boy

Here's a video for Lucas's cousins who appreciate his antics. Our local friends get to witness Lucas's quirks, but for those of you who haven't seen him when his switch is on, here you go.
Lucas was talking all sorts of nonsense last night while he was eating a snack. He also had the hiccups, which made it even funnier. We have no idea what he was talking about... (FYI - he says "yup" for yes)

Lucas really appreciates his wardrobe. He likes to get several outfits and try to put them all on at once. I think he favors orange... even though he calls it "Yebby" (yellow). Here Lucas is sporting a polo from Lisa, orange pants from Andi, and brown shorts underneath the pants from Lisa. Thanks for the wardrobe, girls!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Elmo Pee Pee

I got Lucas an Elmo potty last month hoping that it would interest him in potty training. Sometimes he will sit on the big potty, but for some reason he's afraid to sit on the Elmo potty unless it's on the ground. So, this is how we're rolling right now until we're ready to go full speed ahead.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Double Ds

Just a few updates. Lucas is a total stud at knowing his letters. He knows all of them and can pronounce most of them. "W", however, is Double D. I guess like most guys he thinks a double D sounds pretty great. Also, E and B are both pronounced as "B." "V" is something altogether wonderful that involves lots of spitting... only a video can do it justice.

Still the fruit boy. A few weeks ago Lucas discovered the beauty that is the apple. He eats at least one a day now and enjoys them to the max. He even prefers a regular apple to one blessed with caramel. I don't feed him nearly enough veggies still, but he will eat lettuce with some salad dressing - first licking, then biting.

Lucas is a good helper after we go shopping. I put all the groceries in the hallway and he brings each item in one by one and hands it to me. It's great because it keeps him busy for 5-10 minutes and he is so proud of himself when he helps.

Lucas is also a good helper when we vacuum. He follows me around with his Mr. Sticky (basically a big fat lint roller) and "cleans" up after me. Yesterday Lucas took his finger puppets and put them in the little attachment holders. He was really funny. He also took the Mr. Sticky and stuck it in the power head.

Ok, so Lucas eats breakfast is just a diaper also. The vacuuming was right after breakfast. I promise he does wear clothes... sometimes.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Baker Boy

I was just looking through old videos and found this one. It's from Lucas's birthday when I was making frosting for one of the cakes. He used to sit still when he would "help" me cook. Now he's into everything. Tasting, dipping, grabbing and reaching.

Zilker Park

The other day Jeana and I went to Zilker Park with some friends. We were headed to the botanic gardens, but they ended up being closed, so the kids settled for a cool playground and lunch by the river. Lucas really wanted to go on the train ride, but it was sold out. I thought maybe he would settle on sitting in the train for a minute, but he wanted to sit in the drivers seat, which I don't think was allowed. Maybe some other day...

"Night night, Baby"

We think it's really funny to have Lucas and Kate hold hands.

"Ooh, a minnow!"

"Mom, there's slime in my shoe."

Monday, October 13, 2008

Bubble Fun

The toys you can invent while doing the dishes and cleaning the food processor...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Caught in the Act...

Lucas can open the dryer door, climb on top, grab all the detergents, oxy clean, etc. and make a complete mess. Yesterday he climbed into the dryer.

Last night Lucas picked my last onion in the pot. It was done, but I was just leaving it there until I wanted to use it. It also happened to be one of my biggest onions of the year.
Lucas and I discovered this fun new game last night while we watched DWTS. It was really funny.

On another note, Lucas rarely has clothes on in his videos. I promise you he does wear clothes. We just take him out of his dirty clothes right after dinner and that's when most of the videos are taken. Although, I did come home from getting my hair done on Saturday and he was still in his diaper running around...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

And.... We're back!

After a 10 day hiatus with no internet, we are back in action. We switched from Time Warner to AT&T because for just a little more $ we got a phone line, DSL, and DISH.

It was a complete nightmare dealing with AT&T, but hopefully it will be easy sailing from now on. I think my arch nemesis must work there and botched everything I ordered. After discovering a dead line in front of our house, digging up the lawn in two of my neighbors' yards, losing my internet order, reordering, and finally fixing the broken phone jack in the office (thanks, Ben!) we finally have contact with the outside world again.

I learned how much I rely on the internet on a daily basis. I use it as my main source of entertainment, communication, information (recipes, directions), and of course shopping. During my 10 days w/o all of that, I would like to say I learned to quilt, or play the bongos. I didn't, but I did get the ironing board out - twice!

Today I've been refamiliarizing myself with the web. I already have emails in to two people from craigslist - one for a Filter Queen (my vacuum) and one for a gig at a hair show a.k.a. free hair cut, and one email into Layers checking on the status of some clearance items! We'll see how much money I can spend now that I have internet.

I'll have more Lucas news up for you soon... Also, if you want our new phone number shoot me an email. We got a measured phone line (only $5), where I won't be calling out that often, but I can have unlimited calls in. We will probably screen our calls since we don't have caller ID, but not because of you.