Thursday, October 2, 2008

And.... We're back!

After a 10 day hiatus with no internet, we are back in action. We switched from Time Warner to AT&T because for just a little more $ we got a phone line, DSL, and DISH.

It was a complete nightmare dealing with AT&T, but hopefully it will be easy sailing from now on. I think my arch nemesis must work there and botched everything I ordered. After discovering a dead line in front of our house, digging up the lawn in two of my neighbors' yards, losing my internet order, reordering, and finally fixing the broken phone jack in the office (thanks, Ben!) we finally have contact with the outside world again.

I learned how much I rely on the internet on a daily basis. I use it as my main source of entertainment, communication, information (recipes, directions), and of course shopping. During my 10 days w/o all of that, I would like to say I learned to quilt, or play the bongos. I didn't, but I did get the ironing board out - twice!

Today I've been refamiliarizing myself with the web. I already have emails in to two people from craigslist - one for a Filter Queen (my vacuum) and one for a gig at a hair show a.k.a. free hair cut, and one email into Layers checking on the status of some clearance items! We'll see how much money I can spend now that I have internet.

I'll have more Lucas news up for you soon... Also, if you want our new phone number shoot me an email. We got a measured phone line (only $5), where I won't be calling out that often, but I can have unlimited calls in. We will probably screen our calls since we don't have caller ID, but not because of you.

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Dani said...

Did you see Missy Jone's status on said she was canceling her phone because she's sick of AT&T. Good luck with that! I'm glad you're back though!