Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Double Ds

Just a few updates. Lucas is a total stud at knowing his letters. He knows all of them and can pronounce most of them. "W", however, is Double D. I guess like most guys he thinks a double D sounds pretty great. Also, E and B are both pronounced as "B." "V" is something altogether wonderful that involves lots of spitting... only a video can do it justice.

Still the fruit boy. A few weeks ago Lucas discovered the beauty that is the apple. He eats at least one a day now and enjoys them to the max. He even prefers a regular apple to one blessed with caramel. I don't feed him nearly enough veggies still, but he will eat lettuce with some salad dressing - first licking, then biting.

Lucas is a good helper after we go shopping. I put all the groceries in the hallway and he brings each item in one by one and hands it to me. It's great because it keeps him busy for 5-10 minutes and he is so proud of himself when he helps.

Lucas is also a good helper when we vacuum. He follows me around with his Mr. Sticky (basically a big fat lint roller) and "cleans" up after me. Yesterday Lucas took his finger puppets and put them in the little attachment holders. He was really funny. He also took the Mr. Sticky and stuck it in the power head.

Ok, so Lucas eats breakfast is just a diaper also. The vacuuming was right after breakfast. I promise he does wear clothes... sometimes.

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Kim said...

Oh he is so cute!! I am so impressed with his letters! WOW!! Good job Mom! That is a great idea with the groceries... I am going to have to try it.