Friday, December 9, 2011

50 - Day 2

I still don't have pictures for Day 2, but thought I should get this up anyways. I'll add pictures once Christmas is over and Carrie gets back in town to upload them for me...

On with the story...

Saturday afternoon we planned a barbecue at a park that all the grandkids could attend. I pulled up and looked at the pavilion to see someone who looked an awful lot like me. It was LISA! You know, Lisa, who lives in Hawaii now?! She flew in to surprise all of us! We had her go hide in the park with Oscar (the dog) and my nephew until Mom and Dad got there. It was great. We had Mom and Dad standing in between Evan and Elly, who were swinging. We were taking their pictures and had Lisa sneak up behind them. They were so surprised! Mom and I had actually called her earlier that day and she said she was at Costco, which she was, but in Albuquerque!

We had a great time at the park. We ate, we played Three Deep, which is a fun running/tag game. After dinner we headed home and Tina came over for a while. It was fun to stay up late with Lisa and Tina to hear stories from their childhood.

Sunday morning Lisa had to get back on a plane for Hawaii. Poor Lisa. She was in town for less than 24 hours, and had two horrendous travel days, but we were so glad she came! She knew she would have been too sad if she missed out.

Oh, and Sunday my Mom decided to wear the new necklace my dad gave her. She was running out the door to church and remembered she wanted to wear it, so Lisa grabbed it for her and she got in the car and put it in around her neck and my dad was going to fasten it when they got to church. But they were in such a hurry for the primary program, that they forgot. They searched and searched for that necklace but it never got found or turned in. So sad. SOOOO sad. However, watching my parents during the discovery that this necklace had been lost taught me something. Neither one got mad or yelled. Neither blamed the other. They just tried to work together to find it. It was sweet. And so sad.

It was a really great weekend. If it just wouldn't have been for that dang house robbery... and the necklace getting lost in the church parking lot, it would have been perrrrfect.

Congratulations, Mom and Dad, on 50 years together. You guys have made an awesome family and we think you're the best. Thanks for teaching us how to love by your examples.