Thursday, December 18, 2008

we made it!

We made it to Albuquerque. We left Austin late, so we got into ABQ at 7:45 instead of 6:40. After a trip to Costco for dinner (Lukie's fave hotdog spot) and lots of fun with toys, I had the kiddo in bed at 11:00. Midnight his time. He woke up from his nap at 2:45, so it's been a looooong afternoon for him, but he didn't seem to mind. I hope he sleeps.
Oh, we did have a fun surprise! When we stopped in Lubbock the Stebbings boarded the flight and sat right across the aisle from us. They were headed to SLC. Lucas and Kaden were super-psyched to run off the plane and through the airport together. We eventually got them to stop running and we went our separate ways, but it was fun to see them. They're looking fab.
More ABQ updates to come as we have our adventures. My skin and nose are already missing that Austin humidity. And Lucas and I are already missing you (unless you are mean).

Monday, December 15, 2008

Cheerios and Thomas

If you give a boy what he wants, he'll tell you what you want to hear.
I was vacuuming downstairs so I let Lucas watch Thomas and eat some Cheerios (dry) on the couch. While I was slaving away in the kitchen he walked around the couch and screamed, "I luck you, Mama. I luck you, Mama." He loves me! He really does. (I did check with him and make sure that luck really does mean love). What a sweet boy.

Friday, December 12, 2008

American Baby

I got out of the shower the other day to find this. It reminded me of that rose petal scene from American Beauty. (But not dirty)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Lucas and I were playing with Jeana and Kate this morning and I noticed the difference between little boys and little girls.
Kate was wearing her pretty ballerina leotard and pink dress up shoes. Her hair was in a pretty pony tail.
After lunch she asked to change into another dress, too. Jeana mentioned that they go through many changes of clothes throughout the day. We don't do that at our house, but it just comes naturally to Kate to play dress up and accessorize.
And naturally when Lucas wants a toy that Kate has he puts her in a headlock and throws her to the ground.