Tuesday, July 30, 2013

First Day of Second Grade!

Today is the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! Can you believe my first baby is starting 2nd Grade? Lucas had the same teacher and class for K and 1st grade, so this year he starts with a new teacher and new class. It's a tough adjustment since we just LOVED his old teacher, but his new teacher seems really great. All young and energetic :). He's sad that none of the boys from his old class are in his new class, but he's got a few good girl buddies in there.
As always, its hard to let go as he heads off to school. He takes a little piece of me with him when he's away and I can't wait to get him back at the end of the day. And every day I pray that he's safe and sound... and that he doesn't do too much to embarrass me :).
It's a little too quiet around here, but, look - I'm blogging! Hopefully Evan and I can be productive while we wait for 3:00 to roll around. 

And here's a cute pic of Lucas from soccer that I meant to post in June. Isn't he so cute? Yes, yes, he is. I love him so much.