Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Destruction Junction

BANG, Bang, Bang, bang...!

What's that noise you ask? It's just Lucas repeatedly banging the remote control against the edge of the TV table. I had just gotten off the phone with Ben and the Mortgage Broker when I heard the noise. At first I thought Lucas was playing with a box of diapers, but realized it was really loud, so I ran downstairs as fast as I could to find him battling it out with the table. Luckily he only hit it in one spot over and over and over as opposed to all over the table, so we'll have to fix that one spot - right in the front. Thanks, Lucas.

Also accomplished today: Successfully biting off both ends of a perfect Nerf football; running through the house covered in blackberry slobber (but not making a mess); throwing a super tantrum in Wal-mart on an errand to buy diapers (not toys), all the while kicking mom in the gut; and after all this still managing to be really cute.

Tonight after dinner Ben made note that we still have 16 years to go, and predicted that some day he'll get ahold of a hammer in the kitchen and a baseball bat in his room. I'd like to think that he'll learn not to beat the crud out of things, but we'll see...

Also, here are a couple more pictures of Lucas's latest art projects:

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Vote for Ben... again!

It's on Ben's Bucket List to have a shirt make it onto Threadless. You can help him achieve his goal by voting once again. Thanks a million! (If you really like it, click the "$" first, then the 5.)

My Threadless.com Submission

My Threadless.com Submission

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Guzzler the Movie

Here's the video. It's long, but it's pretty funny - to us, at least.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Yesterday after church we thought it would be fun to have a "picnic" in the back yard. Ben and I ate leftover lasagna. Lucas did not allow his sandwich to leave the safe confines of the kitchen table, so he mostly drank this disgusting ginger beer. Seriously disgusting. We have a funny video I will upload later. YouTube is broken at the moment...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I'm considering today a success because it's already 7:02 and I haven't murdered, stolen, cursed (aloud) or dishonored my parents. Pretty good, right?
I'm still recovering from an adventure at HEB with Lucas. He was such a good boy until he saw the little display of matchbox cars by the photo department. Then all hope for a normal evening was lost. Once he sees the cars, he wants to play with the cars, and there's a downward spiral while you use the self check-out, bag own groceries, apologize to store employee for son's behavior, walk out to the car, load groceries in the car, realize you just stole some raisins, return stolen raisins, try to load kid into car seat and realize his will is stronger than your entire body, let kid throw tantrum on floor of car, threaten to leave kid in parking lot, and eventually you pick the tired child off the floor of the car after 20 minutes of screaming. And then he wants a hug. Then you continue on with your day, except for your husband can't come home from work tonight, so you skip out on church for the night, then you let your kid watch a movie (even though his behavior doesn't merit a movie) because you are too exhausted to do anything else. That, my friend, is a successful day.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Birthiversary, Grandpa Pat!

Happy Birthday, Pat! AND Happy Anniversary to you both. We love you and can't wait to see you again!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Diaper Train

This morning before breakfast I was working on the computer and Lucas was watching TV. He came in and grabbed me by the arm pulling me to come. I assumed he wanted a tasty bowl of cereal, but instead he just wanted to show me his beautiful diaper rainbow. Or Diaper train as he calls it. Every time he puts things in a row he calls it a train.
He was so proud of his creation! It's not the first time he's done this - it's pretty much guaranteed every time there is a pack of diapers around. Silly boy. Maybe some day he can turn his passion for lining things up into some sort of art form... hopefully he won't be a dominoes nerd.*

*Not that dominoes are all together nerdy, but you know the guys who devote their whole lives to making a huge domino maze and get all scientific about it, and they wear pleated pants and tucked in polo shirts? Yeah - those guys.

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Happenings

We've been a little lazy this week....

Lucas is obsessed with a new movie - "A Bug's Life." He wants to watch it every day and he also wants a recap for his nap time and bed time story. Usually the first thing he says when he wakes up is, "I want to watch a movie - bug movie. I want to watch a movie - bug movie..."
We're gonna have to give the DVD back to it's rightful owners soon.

We got the Legos out after family night a couple weeks ago. Lucas loved them and had us make planes, trains, cars, and sheep for him to play with. We had fun too...

So much fun, in fact, that we broke out the Legos with Clay and Andrea last weekend. Ben made the yellow truck, Clay made the awesomely tall robot warrior, Andrea made the tall guy's pet... reindeer(?), and I made the plane.

Then there was a tower. And it fell...

We've been working on time out with Lucas. He usually has to go sit on the stairs. One particular night he threw all his noodles on the floor and Ben had him go stand in the corner (after we removed the noodle-covered outfit he was wearing) until we finished cleaning the noodles. He was so cute in the corner that we had a really hard time not laughing at him. But he actually stayed there and talked to us with his face in the corner. Sometimes he's just so freaking cute I want to bite him. {Click for video of Lucas in timeout for a few seconds}

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


If only we all could look so cute in a new pair of jeans.

Summer - right around the corner!

While some of you were safely bundled up in your homes today watching the snow fall, we were on an early evening walk in the 80 degree weather. They are draining our neighborhood pool and Lucas had a fun time playing in the freezing cold water. After about 10 minutes I took my wet little man and we headed for home. He opted to be shirtless since his shirt was cold/wet. I did, however, have him keep his soaking shorts on (although, they were unbuttoned and half-unzipped... lately he doesn't want his pants buttoned - says it's uncomfortable). He was so cute.
We slowly wandered down the road and Ben picked us up on his way home from work, dinner in hand. Go Ben!
(Sorry about the horrible picture quality - my phone is as old as Lucas and the camera is totally scratched).

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Vote for Ben!

Once again, it is time to vote for Ben and his t-shirts. This time they are on a site called Uneetee.
When you vote, all you have to do is click "Cast My Vote" and you're set - easy as pie.

We really appreciate your votes. If Ben wins, we can buy Lucas some blueberries. Lucas LOVES blueberries. Thanks!