Monday, March 16, 2009

Diaper Train

This morning before breakfast I was working on the computer and Lucas was watching TV. He came in and grabbed me by the arm pulling me to come. I assumed he wanted a tasty bowl of cereal, but instead he just wanted to show me his beautiful diaper rainbow. Or Diaper train as he calls it. Every time he puts things in a row he calls it a train.
He was so proud of his creation! It's not the first time he's done this - it's pretty much guaranteed every time there is a pack of diapers around. Silly boy. Maybe some day he can turn his passion for lining things up into some sort of art form... hopefully he won't be a dominoes nerd.*

*Not that dominoes are all together nerdy, but you know the guys who devote their whole lives to making a huge domino maze and get all scientific about it, and they wear pleated pants and tucked in polo shirts? Yeah - those guys.


jeana said...

He probably sees you creating art with your diaper cakes all the time and just wants to be like you.

Suzy said...

Ben's dad says it's "Lucas's way of geometric designs"... There's some gene he gets from Ben's side that hopefully I will learn to understand :).