Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Summer - right around the corner!

While some of you were safely bundled up in your homes today watching the snow fall, we were on an early evening walk in the 80 degree weather. They are draining our neighborhood pool and Lucas had a fun time playing in the freezing cold water. After about 10 minutes I took my wet little man and we headed for home. He opted to be shirtless since his shirt was cold/wet. I did, however, have him keep his soaking shorts on (although, they were unbuttoned and half-unzipped... lately he doesn't want his pants buttoned - says it's uncomfortable). He was so cute.
We slowly wandered down the road and Ben picked us up on his way home from work, dinner in hand. Go Ben!
(Sorry about the horrible picture quality - my phone is as old as Lucas and the camera is totally scratched).

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