Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I'm considering today a success because it's already 7:02 and I haven't murdered, stolen, cursed (aloud) or dishonored my parents. Pretty good, right?
I'm still recovering from an adventure at HEB with Lucas. He was such a good boy until he saw the little display of matchbox cars by the photo department. Then all hope for a normal evening was lost. Once he sees the cars, he wants to play with the cars, and there's a downward spiral while you use the self check-out, bag own groceries, apologize to store employee for son's behavior, walk out to the car, load groceries in the car, realize you just stole some raisins, return stolen raisins, try to load kid into car seat and realize his will is stronger than your entire body, let kid throw tantrum on floor of car, threaten to leave kid in parking lot, and eventually you pick the tired child off the floor of the car after 20 minutes of screaming. And then he wants a hug. Then you continue on with your day, except for your husband can't come home from work tonight, so you skip out on church for the night, then you let your kid watch a movie (even though his behavior doesn't merit a movie) because you are too exhausted to do anything else. That, my friend, is a successful day.


Farrah said...

Just know you are on your way to sainthood!

Jamie said...

I totally agree with Farrah's comment.

Dani said...

Very successful indeed! I would say it was successful because you didn't beat the kid! That's what I might have done and want to do at times :) I never would, but you know what I mean! I miss you guys!