Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!

This morning while Lucas was crying from 5:45-6:30, I tried to write a little poem for Ben's first Father's Day. It rhymes with a good night book we have...

Here it goes:

A Poem for Daddy
By Lucas Austin Harman

The garage door closed not long ago.
Now big tall Daddy comes inside.
To take a rest and eat some grub.
With food all over, Yum Yum Yum!

With one on top and one beneath,
They kiss and kiss and kiss Luke’s feet.
And when the moon is on the rise,
They all go up for bathin’ time.

And down once more, but not so fast.
Lucas has gone to bed at last.
The day is done. They say “good night.”
And then they turn off all the lights.

The moon is high.
The creeper’s asleep.
And Mommy and Daddy don’t hear a peep.

So, that's it. Ben laughed because I "rhymed" ago with inside. Oops. I guess I could have tried harder, but it was too early in the morning. For Father's Day Ben got a big tub of snacks to take to work. He never eats when he stays late, so he's always starving. I, on the other had, always had snacks with me or I would go crazy when I was working. Hopefully he will stay full now... and not eat them all in one day.

Kisses to all the daddies.

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Marco said...

Sweet poem. To satisfy those hyper-rhyming critics out there, you could try:

"The garage door lifts open wide.
Now big tall Daddy comes inside."