Monday, August 15, 2011

Week in Review

Last week was quite the week! Tuesday I got to go on a field trip with Lucas's class to the Pflugerville Fire Department. Lucas thought it was great. He answered all the questions about why a firefighter needs an ax, oxygen, and a hat. He would also clarify what the firefighters were saying a lot. If the firefighter was talking about the hoses on the truck and how big they were, Lucas would say, "So, it's just like the hose in my backyard, but bigger?" His teacher said he does this all the time and she loves it because maybe he's helping other kids understand by putting it in a kid's perspective.

After the Fire Station we went to the park and ate/played for a while. A long while. It was hot and Evan and I were sticky and ready to leave when the time came. Lucas had a lot of fun and was exhausted after school that day!

Tuesday night I was heading out for my run when I realized the house was getting hotter and hotter. Our AC was broken! We managed to survive the night with the house reaching 86 degrees. The next day was pretty disgusting. I tried to go on a couple adventures with Evan. I got pulled over by a cop for speeding on a street I drive ALL the time, in a speed trap I see ALL the time. Luckily he was impressed that I hadn't gotten a ticket since 1998 and set me free with a warning. As I drove away I started to cry. I hate getting in trouble.
The AC was finally fixed at 6:30 that night. I think the max temp the house reached was 91. It was gross. I am thankful for air conditioning. Evan was fortunate enough to get to play in the hose that day to cool off.

Thursday... well, Thursday I did some laundry since I didn't get to do any Tue or Wed. When I did the laundry I found a yellow crayon in the bottom of the washer. I thought I was so fortunate to find it before I put the clothes in the dryer. When I got the clothes out of the dryer everything was RED. It was horrible. The dryer was red, too. Through the miracle of 1+ bottles of WD-40 and 4 rounds in the washer I got the clothes pretty much clean. I threw away Ben's basketball shirt/socks immediately and my tan shorts perished in the accident as well, but everything else is wearable!

And that is how my week went last week. Here's to a better week this week... if only these ants would get out of my house!


Chris and Amy said...

Oh, I have washed crayons, too. Nasty mess. I don't know how to get it out. Any tips?

As for your week, hope this one is better. Love the picture of all the kids wearing red. Impressed they did a field trip already! Wow. How's K going this year?

Suzy said...

Hey Amy, I found directions here:
But, I didn't do the dish soap stuff, because it would have KILLED ME. It almost killed me as it was. Just a lot of WD40 and then I had to wash the clothes a lot to get them smell out - added some vinegar finally.

Lucas loves K. I considered keeping home, but Ben's mom assured me he would thrive (he's a mini, Ben, you know) So, I sent him knowing I could pull him out if I needed to. So far it's great. He's reading more on a first or second grade level - we'll find out when she has a chance to test him. The only problem is that he's exhausted when he gets home. I'm going to have to start feeding the boys w/o Ben since he gets home at 6:30 and we need to have them in the shower by 7:00. Lucas goes INSANE after that. He's going to a charter school and they do a lot of field trips. We head to the police station on Thursday!

Miss you guys. Come visit so you can get out of the 115 degree heat. It's only 105 here, with a ton of humidity!

Denisha said...

I am so thankful I wasn't born back in the old days before AC was invented. I like my air conditioned! Must have been pretty miserable, glad you got it fixed. Your boys are so adorable!!!