Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Evan Boy

I might get a couple complaints here and there from people saying I don't post enough pictures of Evan. (You know how the second kid never has as many pictures and videos as the first kid? )Well, here you go! See, I do take a lot of pictures, I just never post them. And I'll work on the videos.

In the last picture has a story. Last week Lucas and I were upstairs getting ready to go to the pool. When we got downstairs we found Evan like this - COVERED in white powder. At first I thought it was powdered sugar because he was playing with the powdered sugar tupperware. But after a little photo session and making my way over to the pantry, I found out that he was actually covered in a most delicious homemade pancake mix. It was all over the floor. And then there were little trails leading off all over the kitchen to the different places he had visited. It was such a mess. SUCH a mess. But we managed to get it cleaned up and made our way to the pool anyways.

The whole thing reminded us of Lucas's egg incident and the unforgettable watermelon slip. You need to check those videos out if you haven't seen them.

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The Wife said...

Evan Schmevan is such a little cutie!