Tuesday, July 26, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten!

We dropped Lucas off at school at 8:00 this morning. He went right to his seat. Ben put his name tag on him and he started to work on his first assignment - drawing a picture of himself on the first day of school. I went over to try to get a picture of him and he said, "Oh, sorry, I forgot about you." Then I gave him a kiss and got on my way. Evan is still asleep (thanks to Jamie R. for coming over this morning!) and I've already started organizing the office.

I'm sure he's having a great day at school. Love that kid!


Wendell said...

Two things.

First, were you really sad when you dropped him off this morning? We were sad when dropped Drew off. I mean you can no longer protect them all the time, they'll be exposed to things you don't want them exposed to, you no longer have all that time to spend with him, he will start to grow distant until you hardly know him, he will make friends with the wrong crowd, he could have his sweetness sapped from his demeanor by mean kids, he might lose all confidence and struggle with his identity, he could be beat up by older kids, he could start sniffing markers and elmer's glue, he will learn the other bad words he hasn't heard at home, he is becoming so independent he's basically about to move out of the house, and he might even learn about all the annoying tv shows you've shielded him from.

Erg, I forgot the other thing. Have a super day!

Suzy said...

Thanks, CW, you jerk. But, apparently you forgot he isn't going to an ordinary school... kids at his school don't cuss, bully, do drugs, hit or push. Duh.
Actually, I cried yesterday and Sunday. No tears today! But thanks for trying - it means a lot.

Wendell said...

Yeah, keep telling yourself that. Even Hogwarts had Tom Riddle and Draco.