Friday, November 7, 2008

Adventures with Gagu and Maddie

My mom and niece, Maddie, came to visit us last weekend. They arrived on Friday just in time to go trick-or-treating.
Lucas was Elmo for Halloween. I thought he would love his costume and want to wear it all the time, but no. He hated his costume and I might have scarred him forever by forcing him to wear it. He refused to wear the hat, so he always just looked like a furry red kid or a decapitated Elmo.
Here is Lucas with his friends (in order, Drew, Lucas, Kate (so helpful!), Anna, Riley, Audrey, Ocean, and Eden):

After T-O-Ting we went to a super-fun party at our neighbor's house. Then we were off to bed.
Saturday we decided to go out for lunch to Flip Happy - a place downtown that sells crepes out of an airstream trailer. When we got there there was a long wait, so we decided to go for hamburgers instead. That line was long too, so Ben dropped us off at the park and headed back to get lunch. After waiting in line at the hamburger place, he decided to wait at Flip Happy. So, about 1 1/2 hours later Ben made it back to the park to find 3 exhausted girls and a half naked sunburned boy. The crepes were good, though.
Saturday night was the Halloween party at church. I didn't make Lucas wear his Elmo costume. Instead he wore angel wings from last year and hardly knew they were there.
Sunday Lucas and Maddie finally go to play a little after church. Maddie is a good girl and sits in Lucas's chair like a champ. He loved having her to read to him. Now he expects me to do it ;).

Sunday evening poor Maddie had to head back to ABQ so she could go to school on Monday. I got to take her to the gate and make sure she got on the plane. I'm glad to report she made it home safe and sound with no incident.
Lucas also had a great time with "Gagu." They practiced learning his letters and also read lots of books.

Monday and Tuesday my mom and I went around Austin on various errands. The most important being to Hobby Lobby to pimp my kitchen (above the cabinets). We bought the candle holders, trunk, basket/greenery, and I already had everything else.

I'm so glad my mom could help me because I didn't know what to do, and would have bought too many plants and made it crowded. Thanks, Mom!
Tuesday after nap time Lucas and I took Mom to the airport. Lucas whined most of the way, but we got her there safe and sound. She met up with my dad in Dallas and they headed to Florida to stay with my grandma for a couple weeks.
We had a great time with our company. Thanks for coming Mom and Maddie!

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The Despain Gang said...

I was waiting to see what Lucas was going to be for Halloween. Super cute Elmo. :)