Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Recent Lucasisms - November

Stinky pants: A few times this week Lucas has told me he had a dirty diaper (which isn't new), but he then lied down on the floor when I asked him to so I could change his diaper (this is NEW!).
Another thing about poopy pants. When I change his diaper I ask, "Lucas, did you go poop in your pants?" He answers "No." Then I ask who did and he answers, "Gagu." And then he laughs. I don't know which grandma is pooping in his pants, but could you two please stop?

Abandonment: Lucas has declared that he wants freedom from his highchair. He now eats in a normal chair like mom and dad. He probably doesn't eat as much because it's hard for him to sit still. And I find myself not only cleaning the floor, but the entire chair - every rung of the back, after dinner. When Lucas is done eating he likes to take his dish and put it in the dishwasher. Then he starts the dishwasher, which is a little annoying, but still cute that he want to be helpful!

Foodie: Lucas is a pretty healthy eater. His favorite foods are blueberries, watermelon, strawberries, grapes and now apples. Sometimes we find ourselves saying, "Lucas eat some more of your cheesy pizza and you can have more grapes..." The other day I think I actually tried to get him to eat potato chips. Yesterday on three separate occasions he went to the fridge and got out the bag of grapes and an apple and brought them to me.

Dance Machine: Lucas and I enjoy watching Dancing with the Stars together. He's really cute because he gets up and dances sometimes. Then he always applauds and says, "Yay!!" when they are done.

Family Matters: When Lucas reads a book, he always points out the mommys, daddies and babies. Even in a dinosaur book. Last night we were looking in our Little People caveman book and he pointed out mommy, daddy, baby, gagus and gampas. Even the dinosaurs have families.
The other weekend I took Lucas to the Childrens Museum and he was playing with the cow display - a couple cows, calves, and a barn. He made a mommy cow a daddy cow and two babies. I didn't bother to go into how both cows were female... We'll talk about alternative families next time. I think it's great that he likes having a mommy and a daddy (I assume).

Learn, Baby, Learn: Lucas has his letters down. Now he's getting really good at lowercase letters and numbers 1-9. Ben is a good teacher after work!

Name Game: If you ask Lucas his name, he says "Baby." I think "Lucas" is just too hard for him to say. Or maybe it's because all three of us are named Baby in this house.
FYI - he is getting better at other names. He says Mannie for Maddie, LiLi for Lisa, Clay, Kate, and a slew of ofther names... He also says K, green and orange now thanks to Gagu.

I'll get more pictures up as soon as we get them put back on the computer. iPhoto is currently out of the office.

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