Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I had a very good Birthiversary this year. I was dreading it because I turned a horrible age that I didn't plan on turning for at least 5 more years.
We started the Birthiversary weekend by taking the family pictures on Saturday, which was a much more successful event than we had ever dreamed.
Sunday Ben made my birthday cake from scratch using his mom's recipe for an almond/raspberry cake. It's a very dense, rich yellow cake with almond paste and raspberry filling. It was not only beautiful, but tasty. I was proud of Ben; although, I did get scolded for advising him on baking... or bossing, as he puts it.

That night Andrea dropped Clay off on her way to a church meeting. Clay watched Lucas while we went to dinner. When we got home I opened the door to see Clay jumping to attach a sign to the wall. "Ahhh... Clay decorated for my birthday" I thought. Then I walked inside to see streamers, balloons, and Audrey. At this point, I though Jeana came to help Clay and Andrea decorate the house. Then the rest of the crew came from the stairs to surprise me. And I was really surprised! I thought we were having people over Monday night.

It was very sweet and fun. We have the best friends ever! If I had to turn such a dreadful age, this was the way to go. Check out the cool sign Ben designed.

Notice how it matches the cool streamers and balloons. Thanks, everyone!

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The Despain Gang said...

Happy Birthday and Anniversary!