Saturday, July 31, 2010

One Night Stand

Last weekend we used our voucher for a free night at Barton Creek Resort & Spa. We originally wanted to go kid-less, but that was impossible so we took them for a fun family adventure.

We arrived in the afternoon and decided to hit the mini golf and the pool, only to have it rain when we stepped outside. Instead we played in the "summer game room" equipped with arcade games, a wii, and a ping pong table. Ben and Lucas enjoyed racing eachother (but Ben had to press the gas pedal for both machines), Lucas and I enjoyed some Miss Pac-Man and pin ball, and Evan and I enjoyed beating Ben in ping pong... or I'm sure we would have if we took score.

We finally did make it out to the mini golf and played about 5 or 6 holes. Lucas just kind of pushed the ball with his club and didn't care to receive instruction. The pool was very pretty with lots of nice plants around it... and some little bugs in the water. And the jacuzzi was awesome. Finally we headed in, showered, and went out for Thai food. There was no way we could afford the lovely price of the restaurant there.

That night Lucas wanted to sleep in the closet like he did in San Antonio. I was up almost every hour that night trying to keep one kid from waking up the other. Binky in Evan, cover up Lucas, binky for Evan, put Lucas back in closet, binky for Evan, put Lucas in a real bed, feed Evan, put Lucas back in closet, etc.

For breakfast we had some junk, then went on a nature walk. After checkout we headed to IHOP for lunch and our adventure was over.

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