Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Funny Stuff - Dentist & Church

On Sunday at church during the sacrament Ben was whispering to Lucas, explaining again that the bread represents Jesus' body and the water represents Jesus' blood. To sum it all up, he asked Lucas, "What does the bread represent?"
Lucas: "Jesus' body."
Ben: "Yes. And what does the water represent?"
Lucas: "Jesus' butt."
We could hardly contain ourselves... the boy doesn't whisper so well, but we didn't get too many strange looks. I guess that's what we get for explaining so quietly.

Today was Lucas's very first dentist appointment. They had him go back all by himself, which he did after a little hesitation. I'm sure he was much better without me, though. One of the assistants came out to ask me something at one point and told me Lucas was so funny and that they wanted to keep him! She said the hygienist told Lucas he had 20 teeth. "Wow! That's a lot!" he responded. "Where did you get all your teeth?" she asked. "From our Heavenly Father" Lucas said. At that point, he won everyone's heart. Each person made sure to tell me what he said as I checked out. What a sweet boy...


jeana said...

Ahhh, that is very sweet.

The Wife said...

Lucas is such a sweet boy!

nanny said...


Besides being one of the most terrific women I know, you are also the sweetest wife and one very outstanding mother!

We love you.

Cause I said so... said...

Sacrament will NEVER be the same. I will forever have a smile when I partake and think of Lucas. Adorable.