Saturday, July 3, 2010

Recent Lucasisms & Evanisms

Lucas is just growing up so much! It seems like all at once he's becoming a boy and not my baby anymore.
It all started with the potty. Once he got that down he just blossomed... into a potty mouth. I always thought it was great how he never repeated any of the bad things that we said, and just within the past month he's started to follow our ways. Now, he's not saying anything bad, because would I ever say anything that bad?
Just funny things like, "Are you kidding me?" He says it all the time... after simple statements like, "Lucas, let's go for a walk."
Then he'll throw in a "you know" in sentences. I think he gets that from me. Like, "It's good to drink your milk, you know, because it's good for your bones."
Then there's "Holy crap!" and that's as bad as it gets. I think that's Ben's fault (and I think it's his fault that I say it, too) and Ben sees nothing wrong with it, but I think it sounds different coming from a three year-old.
The other night at dinner I told Lucas he needed to eat because he was hungry and he said, "No I amn't!" It was awesome.
Lucas can finally put his shoes on all by himself and he's getting better at dressing himself. Today he picked out a matching outfit (even the undies matched well) and got dressed all by himself.
Lucas is still working on writing and spelling and pronouncing. We're trying to work on his L's, V's, F's. Hopefully someday Evan won't be Ezan, we'll stop watching moozies, but we'll keep having so much sun! He has mastered his name, and pool (sounds more like pool-a), which used to be poo.
Lucas went to his very first acting audition last week. I had an audition for a photo shoot for a resort here. They wanted families, so I got to bring the whole crew. I told Lucas he might be video taped or have to play pretend. He was game. The casting director just had us all slate, which is when you say your name and show your profiles to the camera. Lucas said, "Lucas Austin Harman" and proceeded to turn to the side as directed. Then he asked us questions about our favorite vacation. Lucas was so excited to talk about going to Key West and the boat ride where he saw dolphins and went snorkeling. We were so proud of Lucas for not getting nervous. He was a total trooper and the Casting Director was very impressed.
Lucas finally has a little man friend! Bently and his family moved here for a summer internship and he and Lucas get along great. We've never had this happen before! All our close friends have girls, and it's so neat to see Lucas have a buddy. We hardly have to intervene with the two of them. Sometimes they fight it out for a bit, but they usually just work out their own problems. They are a little touchy and often depart with kisses on the cheek or head. I asked Lucas why he kisses Bently and he said, "Because I love (pronounced luz) Bently." I haven't had the heart to tell him Bently will be moving back to Utah in August...
Evan is still growing big and strong. He's got a huge noggin, a huge body, beautiful curves, and big blue eyes. He's very vocal. Right now he's in his bed "calling" me with his lovely squeals. Evan is very hands on and loves to play with his toys. He loves his toes and thinks they're great to suck on.
Evan is a good sleeper. He goes to sleep all by himself, as long as he has his binky and something soft to hug on.
Evan is quite the swimmer. He loves being in the pool and will often fall asleep and then finish his nap in the stroller.
He thinks his big brother is hilarious and doesn't know that it should be annoying for Lucas to be practically on top of him while he entertains.
I love my two boys so much. We have so much fun together and I'm so thankful for them!

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