Friday, November 6, 2009

Week in Review

I started to write this post on Monday to tell you all about our Halloween weekend. But then Ben emailed me about health insurance and our saga began. It was open enrollment at his work this week and they changed insurance companies, so I had some research to do. I decided to switch over since I'm about to have the baby... Anyhow, to make a painfully long story short, the Harmans are officially paying more for health insurance than their mortgage.

Then Monday night everyone got sick and within days so did all our friends who were at our house Sunday night. This week has been a real winner!

BUT, last week/weekend really was fun, so let's talk about that.

Last Thursday Lucas and I drove to meet Ben in San Antonio where he was doing a photo shoot. We got to stay in his cute boutique hotel by the Riverwalk, eat at some restaurant where Bobby Flay had a Throwdown, and feed a bagel to some ducks. We had a good time being together.

We asked Lucas where he wanted his bed to be and he chose the closet, which was good due to all the street noise downtown. It took him a while to finally settle down and go to sleep, but once he did he slept until 8:00. Here he is in his little bed.
Friday morning we ate breakfast at the hotel and Lucas impressed the guests with his vast knowledge of all things alphabet and fruit related, then we checked out and headed to the Riverwalk in search of ducks. We had a lovely walk - much nicer than the night before when the sidewalk was full of people and I was afraid Lucas would be knocked into the nasty water. We found some ducks, pigeons, and fish in need of a bagel. Although, Lucas was not a fan of the pigeons. He thought they were going to eat him, too. Then we headed back to Austin, dropped Ben off downtown, and Lucas and I went home. Lucas immediately started whining about going back to San Antonio.
Friday night was our church Trunk or Treat party. I took Lucas and Ben stayed at work. Lucas had a good time getting candy from everyone. He was tuckered out and fell asleep on the way home with his balloon sword in hand.
Saturday we had a really nice day because it was the first Saturday in weeks that we didn't have anything going on, like work, or freelance. We made waffles and had a great time together, including a nap. That night Lucas got all dressed up in his firefighter gear again and we hit the neighborhood with our friends, then attended Sandra's most fantastic Halloween bash. Lucas had so much fun this year. Trick or Treating was much easier now that he could keep up with the other kids and he understood the concept. It was a good time. Here's the evidence:


Jamie said...

I like that you can see the safe in Lucas' hotel bed. Awesome.

Suzy said...

That was pretty awesome. I don't think he ever even noticed it. It would have been a great place for his toy bugs to hide!

Krista said...

i feel ya on the health insurance!!! i don't know why it costs SO much! there was a point that we were paying more for health insurance than our mortgage too, but matt's new team pays for HIS insurance, but i still have private, so we are paying only slightly less than our mortgage for the damn health insurance (not to mention the almost 30 G's we've already spent this year on these boys...).

sorry... 'bout that...

sounds like you have a good halloween! and you are SO tiny!! i'm huge and awkward!

Suzy said...

Krista - hopefully Obama will bail us out. And maybe he'll pay for your babies, too! $30 G's!!! Crazy. You guys are troopers and awesome ones at that!