Monday, November 16, 2009

More Adventures...

We've had a few adventures the past couple of weeks, so I'll get you caught up.
First off, Lucas generally doesn't take naps in his bed anymore. I can only get him to nap if he falls asleep in the car. Then I just park the car in the garage with the windows rolled down and the door open to the house, and I try to nap on the Love Sac until he wakes up. Sometimes we can bring him in and he'll fall asleep again on the Love Sac. He's very cute...

On another note, we're planning on losing the binkies after Christmas. He only uses them when he's sleeping, but he loves them and it breaks my heart a little to take them away. Let me know if you have any advice... poor little boy.

Last weekend we went to the San Antonio Temple. We got a couple cute shots of Lucas there. He mostly was excited to find nuts on the ground and have me step on them with the heel of my shoe. He also liked playing in the fountain.

This past Saturday we had wonderful weather so we decided to take a trip to Mt. Bonnel - the highest point in Austin - at a towering 785 feet. Basically you "hike" up lots of stairs to get to the top, where you enjoy a beautiful view. We had a little picnic and then walked around. It really was pretty and Lucas loved looking down onto the lake and watching the boats go by, wishing he could go for a ride. On the other hand, Ben and I looked down at the multi-million dollar houses and wished we could have one of those.

Pretty, right? Check out the shadows of the birds on Lucas in the shot on the bottom left. Pretty freaky looking...

And that's about it. Now we're preparing for our trip to Florida this weekend. We'll be driving - two days in the car - a toddler, a pregnant lady, and Ben. It's sure to be an adventure. We plan to spend a day at Clearwater Beach, Disney World w/ my mom and dad, and the rest of the time we'll be at my Grandma's farm outside of Gainesville. I haven't been in 10 years, so I'm really excited to go see where I spent the majority of my childhood vacations!

As far as a baby update.... I 'm 30 weeks now - 10 more and we'll have 2 kids! I feel fat, but I know it's gonna get so much worse. I passed my glucose test with flying colors, had my shot for being RH negative, and enjoy feeling this kid break dance inside of me. Lucas likes to talk to him through my belly button, "the baby's inside that hole" he says.
In other news, we were looking on Family Search the other night for cool family names. Instead, we discovered that genealogy work has been done for one of the lines in Ben's family all the way back to the year 6 AD. Insane, right? He's also related to Charlemagne, King Henry I, and royalty from practically every other European country. Pretty cool. We didn't find a baby name, though.

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Scot said...

Becca has a line that goes back really far as well, including Charlemagne. That guy pretty much sired the whole world.