Monday, November 23, 2009

A Day at the Beach

First of all, I would like to wish Ben and myself a happy anniversary. Seven years. SEVEN. That means we're growing up. Another sign of growing up is that I turn 31 tomorrow. Yikes.

Today we drove from the farm to Clearwater Beach. Lucas had tons of fun playing on the beach - he was much more of a fan this year than last year!
We decided to walk to the pier and Lucas started running and ran the whole way. We couldn't keep up with him, but luckily didn't lose him. Once we paid our $1.50 to get onto the pier, Lucas decided it was boring and wanted to go back to the beach.
After playing at the playground, running some more, and a long conversation with an old man, we headed to lunch at Frenchy's South Beach Cafe, which replaced my family's old fave, Julies. Ben and I both had Grouper sandwiches and they were yummy. We voted our day our best anniversary yet.
Lucas was exhausted and took a spill onto the floor from his stool before we left the restaurant. Now he has a big bump on his head... and another bump on the other side where he ran into a gas pump the other night.
Lucas managed a one hour nap as we drove to Orlando, which was nice.
He had a hard time going to sleep tonight, but I think that he's finally out... now that it's 10:00. We really needed him to get good sleep tonight, but it didn't quite happen.

Tomorrow is Disney World. My parents are flying in tonight and meeting us at our hotel. It should be fun.
Here are some pics from the trip so far...


Krista said...

glad you made it!!! happy birth-iversary! 7 years! that's awesome! in our 6 and 1/2 years we've only spent 2 anniversaries together. one was our first, and the second time was this past year, only because i followed him up to WI to a race... not sure if i'd call either 'great'... maybe some day... have fun in FL!

Krista said...

ps... you look amazing!

Jamie said...

How fun! The pic of you guys on the beach is really good. Maybe you can find someone to photoshop out the bikini-clad folks in the background.