Saturday, July 11, 2009

Back to Town

We made it back to town last Sunday. We elected to drive the entire way in one day, which I was a little worried about, but at least we got to stay and enjoy the 4th of July with the fam in ABQ, and didn't have to try to get Lucas to sleep in a hotel room.

I'm happy to report that the drive went 20 times better than expected. My niece, Madison, came with us and she and Lucas were perfect the whole way. Lucas didn't have a real fit the whole day and Maddie, of course, was very helpful in entertaining Lucas.

We headed out around 8:30 Sunday morning and stopped once in Clovis, NM. We ate at the DQ there and were the youngest patrons that place had seen in years. Lucas and Maddie burned some calories on the outdoor toy and then we headed on after a quick diaper change.

In Lubbock we stumbled upon a Bahama Bucks and I felt it was entirely necessary to stop, even though we weren't hungry. It's ice - there's always room for ice. It was well worth the stop and the money.

Our next stop wasn't until Abilene. We bought a cord for the iPod, checked out the mall logo that Ben designed back when we were in Santa Fe (he wasn't too pleased with it, but I snapped a picture anyway). Then we ate dinner and checked out a prairie dog preserve. We wasted two valuable hours there, but I think Lucas needed the break.

Shortly after Abilene, Lucas dumped his water bottle on Maddie, so we had to stop and let her change shorts. During this stop, a mosquito entered the car. About 10 bites (on my body) later I finally killed him.

Around 11:30pm we pulled into Austin. After spending a weekend sans air conditioning, our house was about 95 degrees upstairs. Lucas refused to go to bed once he was reunited with his toys - it was too hot anyways. We were all in bed in an 85-degree house by 2am.

The car did great. Ben was a great driver. I was a great driver for the 45 minutes I drove, and Maddie and Lucas were great passengers.

Oh yeah, Austin is freakin hot. We miss the good old Albuquerque weather.

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