Saturday, July 11, 2009


Today we decided to take Madison and Lucas on a magical safari! We headed down to San Antonio to the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch. It's totally like a real safari in Africa... except you drive your car through, feed the animals pellets through your window, and stop at the petting zoo and restaurant on your way out. But other than that, I would have thought we were in Africa - especially because it was so hot.
The highlight of the day that made it all worth paying the $16 per person fee was when we were attacked by an ostrich. Hilarious.

Aside from ostriches, we saw zebras, a bazillion types of deer, antelopes, Texas long horns, and other things with cool antlers. Then they had giraffes, hippos, camels and kangaroos in their own houses. There was a petting zoo where goats tried to eat our camera strap, Ben's shirt, and our paper bags - not the food inside. And Lucas sat on a pile of goat poop, so he had to eat lunch in his diaper.
After lunch we took one more drive through the safari to get our money's worth. I realized how awesome the sun roof was for animal viewing, and Ben realized that the line this time around was too slow and that we should have just gone home...
After we left safari land we headed into S.A. so Ben could pick up some parts for his bike rack project, got some delicious frozen custard and headed home. Lucas is down for his nap right now (at 6:30 pm)... as are Ben and Maddie.

It was a fun day thanks to that mean ostrich... and to Ben for eating part of a food pellet while Maddie and I watched in disgust. If you're wondering, they taste like really dry, bland cereal.

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