Saturday, July 18, 2009

Diaper Talk

Chris was kind enough to watch Lucas for me the other day while I drove girls up to camp. I'm stealing this from his blog... it was too funny.

[Chris changing Lucas's daiper]
Anna: Is that Lucas's penis?
Chris: Yes, beat it.
Anna: Lucas has penis?
Chris: Yes.
Lucas: I have penis!
Chris: I know.
Lucas: At grandmas!
Chris: What?
Lucas: In Albuquerque.
Chris: Oh, you had peanuts on the plane to Albuquerque?
Lucas: Yes, I had penis on plane.

Lucas did mention to me that Anna saw his poop, but nothing about the penis on the airplane.
We got a great video of Lucas last night after he took his pants off and was running around the kitchen very amused at his nakedness. Unfortunately due to a not-so-steady camera we can't put it online...

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Farrah said...

Awesome--almost made me wet my pants! Love the things they say.