Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I know it's late, but I have to share the story of Thanksgiving 2007 because it was so magically delicious...

My mom and dad decided that it would be fun to make the drive to Austin for Thanksgiving this year. They got into town the day before Thanksgiving just in time for the horrible weather to blow in, but that didn't stop our fun.

For Thanksgiving a big group of us went to Wendy and Blair's the break in the new house. Everyone brought lots of yummy food and we had lot of fun. My parents proved themselves to be very useful in the gravy making and turkey carving departments! I think they were quite popular among the group.

Lucas was such a good boy for dinner. I put a big sheet on the floor so he could throw his food on the floor just like at home. Luckily he didn't toss that much overboard. AND he sat in his chair tasting and listening to conversation long after most of the adults! I think it was partially due to little bites of Jamie's sweet chex mix...mmmm. It was nice to just have him sitting there and not wandering around breaking the new house.

After our lovely dinner we had about 5 pies to choose from and we all ate too much and felt fat, but it was a nice fat.

Friday was my and Ben's 5th anniversary! I can't believe it's been 5 years. When Ben talked to his mom that day he mentioned that it was our anniversary and the conversation went like this:
Nancy: "I can't believe it's been 2 years already!"
Ben: "Um... higher"
Nancy: "Three???"
Ben: "Um... more."
Nancy (louder): "Four???"
Ben: "more..."
Nancy (loudest): "Five years? I can't believe you've been married 5 years!"

It was really funny. Time sure does fly! My mom thought it seemed like more than five years... maybe because we lived in her house for two years.

That night my parents babysat Lucas and we went to the Melting Pot with Wendy and Blair, who also had an anniversary, as well as someone small and sweet to celebrate. It was lots of fun. We ate more cheese and chocolate than any human should ever eat, but it was yummy.

THEN, Saturday was my birthday. I turned 21. I can't believe I'm only 21!
On my birthday my phone rang bright and early at 6:45. I saw it was Jamie and didn't answer the phone. Then I thought, "Oh, something could be wrong..." But, before I could finish my thought, she was calling back, so I answered. She said, "Suzanne, you need to put on some clothes and come outside." I asked who she was with and she said it didn't matter. So, I put on some clothes, and told Ben I was being kidnapped, to which he replied, "yeah, I know" and I made my way downstairs. Then I saw my mom at the front door talking to all my friends outside. To my surprise, my mom was all done up and ready to go out. So, we all got in the cars and drove to Andrea's to pick her up and we made our way down to South Congress and ate at the Magnolia Cafe. It was really fun. I hadn't been kidnapped since I was in high school, so it was quite the surprise. Thanks Jamie, Jeana, Wendy, Dani and Andrea! You guys are the best. I'll always remember our breakfast with the delicious love butter.

Later than morning, my mom and I went shopping for high boots and a Cuisinart, then headed home to meet up with the boys. We decided to go to The Salt Lick for dinner/late lunch. It was way far away in the boonies, and it was packed. The Salt Lick is famous in Austin for BBQ and I'm glad we went, but I don't think we'll make the drive again for a while. It was really yummy, though, and Lucas loved the bread and the beans.
That night we had birthday pie and were going to stay up and play games, but we were all too tired. That's what happens when you turn 21.

Then next day my mom and dad headed back to ABQ. It's always sad when they have to go home and I have to get back to reality, but I'm grateful that they could come visit. I love having family around. There are more people to entertain Lucas and he has fun showing off and getting all that extra attention. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for all the fun times. I'm glad you made the crazy drive and battled the wind, sleet, snow, and dead car batteries. You guys are awesome! Love you.


dani_hill_2002 said...

You totally had a week of partiness! I know thats not a word! Doesn't it feel great being 21! It is so much better than 20! I know you'll have a great year! Ahhh, love butter, that sure sounds right now! Happy Thanksgiving, Birthday and Anniversary once again!

Krista said...

Yeah, 21!! (ha, ha... I/you wish!!!) It looks like you had an awesome week!!!