Thursday, December 20, 2007

Mom of the Year Award

The past couple of days have been stressful and bizarre. We had car problems, a stranger stay at our house (one point for charity!), and I stupidly burned a bunch of chocolate while making candy.

Last night I went to pick up a rental car because the Honda dealership forgot to fix our car yesterday. I decided to hit the HEB on the way home so I could get more chocolate and some diapers. The store was packed because it was 6:30, so my shopping cart options were limited. I managed to grab a shopping cart with no belt to strap around Lucas. I was talking on the phone to Ben and made note that I needed to be careful because now Lucas could fall out.

All was fine and dandy until I got to the kid aisle. I was looking at Crayons on one side and Lucas was looking at (and really wanting) the balls on the other side. I had just decided on the twisty Crayons when CRASH - I turned around and there was Lucas on the floor between the balls and the shopping cart. My poor little man tumbled out head first onto the HEB floor. He was screaming bloody murder and this lady came up to make sure he was okay. I assured her that everything was fine, but she went and got the manager anyways. He came over with an ice pack and got my name and number so their corporate office could contact me if need be.

I felt really guilty for not watching Lucas better so, like all good parents, I bought him a toy to make up for it. I was deciding between the sweet dachshund and a lion (Lucas likes to make lion noises these days). Of course, I had to get the dog because it looked just like Oscar (but doesn't bite), plus it was half the price of the lion.

Here's to Lucas and his Oscar doll. If you ask Lucas what a lion says, he says "Uuuuhhhh", if you ask what a dog says, he says "Uhh-Uhh."


Scott Baldwin said...

A couple points:
1) you were at our house last night, and how come we didn't hear this story??
2) did the HEB manager peel off a sweaty work vest to wrap around your screaming child? If not, when corporate HEB contacts you, I think you should let them know that the associates at Sam's club go above and beyond when a child falls (or throws himself, or herself) out of the cart.

Suzanne & Ben said...

Dang. They called me today and I totally forgot to tell them about the work vest I could have gotten wrapped around him at a Wal-mart affiliated store. Man... that's worth at least a few thousand dollars right there!
Sorry, I told Jeana on the phone last night. We were too consumed with the other story to even venture into our own drama last night.