Saturday, October 6, 2007

Lucas' First Haricut

Well, my little guy had his first haircut on Thursday. I'm in ABQ visiting and my family informed me that it was due time for a haircut. Lucas had long stringy hair behind his ears and a cute little curl in back. BUT, it did look gross sometimes - especially when he got food in his hair.
I got permission from Ben to have his hair cut and my dad made the call to Ernest, his trusted barber. We were really worried about how Lucas would react to sitting in a chair for 10 minutes, but we were pleasantly surprised! I gave Lucas his first sucker and he sat pretty still for the entire time. I was very impressed with my little guy, as was Ernest.

Here are a few shots of Lucas and his lovely locks.

My mom was a good sport with the lollipop sharing - she hates banana candy... not to mention all the Lucas slobber.

And a video....


Becca said...

What a handsome little devil! The haircut looks great. Maybe sometime down the road I'll be asking you for Ernest's number. Albuquerque doesn't seem too far to travel when I finally give up on hacking Riley's stringy hair myself.

Dani said...

So cute! I never thought his hair looked funny! That's pretty good he held still for it, he's such a busy little thing! I'm glad you're having fun with your fam! Can't wait for our next RS meeting!