Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween Parties

This weekend was jam packed with Halloween parties! Friday night was our party at church. We arrived an hour late, but still managed get some grub and hang out with our friends while all the kids got their candy.
Lucas mostly sat on the floor or walked around. Yes - walked!

We didn't know how to dress Lucas this year. Last year he was a food service technician.

This year I was going between a dinosaur (a little comfy sleeper with a hood), something with wings, or a punk/biker with blue hair. I settled on the $5 wings. I was kind of afraid to use the blue dye on Lucas' hair, and being a blond punk just wouldn't be the same.

So, Friday night Lucas was an angel with a devil's tail. I had on the devil horns. Ben thought it was lame, but that's what he gets for not giving me any input. Here's a picture of Lucas refusing to look at the camera, and one of Lucas and his new friend, Sophia.

Saturday night was the awesomly cool party at the Baldwinators. I had a brilliant idea to dress Lucas as Cupid. Anyone who looks so good practically naked should take advantage of his brilliant physique on Halloween! So, I ran around like a mad woman Saturday trying to find a bow and arrow, but just decided to make my own. I think he ended up being really cute.

Who knows what we'll actually do on Halloween... we'll see. I'll post a new picture if we do anything cute to him. (That last picture is of the cake I make, not one of Lucas' costumes).

Happy Halloween!!


Scott Baldwin said...

"Anyone who looks so good practically naked should take advantage of his brilliant physique on Halloween!"

Well, it seems like he takes advantage of his brilliant physique more often than on Halloween! I've seen him cruising the neighborhood in the jog stroller looking just like cupid, sans the bow, arrow, quiver, and wings - i.e. naked.

Suzanne & Ben said...

true, true... Lucas believes he can express himself more freely in the buff. And what good is the hot Texas weather if you can't enjoy it nakedly?

Krista said...
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Krista said...

Lucas is SO cute! I love the cupid idea. You have awesome cake making talents too. I would love to learn how to make cakes!