Monday, November 12, 2007

Tag - 8 things

Ok, I've never done one of these tag things before. I'm doing this for Jeana because I owe her a zillion favors and $18. Hopefully this is as good as $18... I'll try not to copy, Jeana, but I can see your answers bright as day. BTW - Jeana likes Kelly Clarkson's "Since You Been Gone"... a lot.

8 Things I am passionate about
1. my Beanery
2. my little creeper
3. my family
4. church
5. baking
6. my friends
7. finding good in the world
8. cooking competitions with Jeana

8 Things I want to do before I die
1. go to Tahiti
2. make enough $$ to send my parents on an awesome trip
3. help Ben get published everywhere he wants to get published
4. just make sure Lucas is happy
5. go to Europe with my Beanery
6. laugh so hard I almost pee my pants, and I want to do this often
7. make the world a better place somehow
8. write a book or two - definitely a kids book with Ben

8 Books I have read recently
1. Baby Whisperer
2. Some other baby book
3. Some breastfeeding book
4. The Going to Bed Book
5. Peekaboo Kisses
6. Opposites
7. But Not the Hippopotamus
8. Goodnight Moon (which, I might say, really isn't a good book)

8 Things I often say
1. Rittlest Rucas, Mommy ruves rue.
2. Where's your ball?
3. Do you think it would be fun to do something fun?
4. You bring so much joy to mommy.
5. Oh, Holy Macaroni!
6. Where's your star toy?
7. duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh... (dancing w/ the stars theme song)
8. hey, creeper.

8 Things that attract me to friends
1. make me laugh
2. fun
3. identify with me
4. spontaneity
5. can handle my craziness
6. can handle Ben's craziness
7. make others feel comfortable and welcome.
8. people who can talk... or not talk. we could talk or not talk for hours.

8 Songs and Albums I could listen to over and over again
1. Sting - Fields of Gold
2. anything by Guster
3. Jack Johnson
4. Tullycraft - Superboy, Supergirl
5. James Blunt - Goodbye my Lover
6. Cowboy Junkies - Blue Moon
7. Ben Folds - The Luckiest
8. Keane

8 Things I learned this year
1. Sometimes it's hard to go to sleep - really hard.
2. Staying home can be more fun that a night out
3. boys like to be in boxes
4. boys like to be in fireplaces
5. boys like to be in cupboards
6. your own kid's poop doesn't smell that bad (unless he ate edamame)
7. vacuuming 2000 sq. feet is a lot harder than 600 sq. feet.
8. sometimes the mess can wait

8 Random things about me
1. I was a lifeguard for 7 years
2. When I was prego, I cried watching Dirty Dancing because "nobody puts baby in a corner."
3. I used to work at a radio station back in the day
4. I talked to Bruce Willis and didn't know it was him (I did take note that he was a hot dad, though). His kid's life jacket was all screwed up. Basically, I saved her life.
5. Joanna and I used to put gum drops on peoples car windows in high school
6. I wanted to be a fashion designer when I was a kid
7. I hate dirty water, boats, anything with algae
8. I love the smell of the beach

8 People I tag
1. danielle
2. becca
3. amanda
4. eva
5.I really don't like to pressure people. I'll feel guilty if you get fired for blogging.


Dani said...

I just learned so much about you! See, I hate doing these tags but they're so much fun to read about others! Oh and tell Jeana that I enjoy Kelly as well!

mandarin said...

suze, i loved this. i wish i could talk...or not talk with you for hours all the time.

Suzanne & Ben said...

Thanks. I really miss when we had the time to talk... or not talk for hours. Those days were sweet!

mandarin said...

i posted my version of this on my blog for you to view..or not view.