Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Who's Your Daddy?

Lately Lucas hasn't seen Ben too much. One night last week we were at the pool with some people from our neighborhood. The mom said to her kids, "Look, there's Daddy walking up the street!" Lucas then looked and saw a tall guy walking up the street and said, "Dada! Dada!"

I told Lucas it wasn't our dad, but he continued to point and say, "Dada." Then he started pointing at random cars and trucks and saying "Dada." I told Ben this story over the phone and that night he managed to meet us at the playground by 8:00 that night. Then he worked from home.

Tonight I had Lucas at the pool and then at the playground. A car pulled up and again Lucas pointed and said, "Dada." Wrong again, Lil' Lukie. Unlike the last dad, this dad had no resemblance to Ben whatsoever. He was short, and Hispanic with a full head of black hair and a beard. Yet, Lucas still pointed and said, "Dada" even when the guy was standing about 30 feet away.

Well, lucky for us, Ben got home tonight at 8:30 while Lucas was in the tub. Lucas was so excited when Ben came around the corner - he started splashing and splashing like a maniac. I left the rest of the bath up to Ben while I took the trash out and put the couch back together that Lucas had earlier destroyed. (Lucas discovered how to pull the cushions off the couch yesterday and it's a complete nightmare. I constantly hear the velcro ripping and know he's destroying the living room). Now he's asleep and all is well in the world.

Nighty night. We are going to watch a movie now to celebrate Ben's arrival before midnight.

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