Thursday, June 5, 2008


From a funny conversation I had with some girls tonight about breastfeeding:

"It hurts to bad. It's like putting your hand in a mousetrap and you know it's gonna snap."
"Yeah - but instead if your hand, you're putting your boob in a mousetrap!"

True, true....


Melissa, Jeremy, & Boston said...

You know, I honestly don't know what that is like, but my usually normal sister when around completely topless (yes no shirt; no bra; nothing) in front of her mother-in-law (yes husband's mother) during the first few days of breastfeeding because anything touching hurt terribly so that pretty much tells me it's quite painful! ;) We still tease her unmercifully about that decision. She is now pregnant with her second and her mother-in-law hasn't asked if she's going to breastfeed again because I think she's scared for my sister's answer. :)

Kara, Garrick and Rylee said...

Hey Suzanne, I'm glad you found mine because I was spelling your last name wrong and didn't find yours. (I know, what a dork). Anyways...I love your blog, you're a very entertaining writer. I had a good laugh re-living that part of the conversation, but just a disclaimer to all the prospective breast-feeding mothers...this conversation was just about breastfeeding for the first few weeks. :)

amanda said...

uh yeah, it hurts like a mother. haha! i think i can empathize with your friend's sister about going around topless in front of just about anyone. the first week, i pretty much flashed just about everyone. i figured so many people had seen the most private part of my body at that point...what's a boob gonna do.

and what is it with itchy nursing pads? you would think they would make something a little bit more comfortable for us.