Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Thanksgiving to Remember

We wanted to do something different this year on Thanksgiving. I didn't really feel like cooking... we thought it might be fun to go out with friends. But in the end, Ben declared in a last minute attempt at originality that we would go to Enchanted Rock for Thanksgiving. We would just eat at some random place and have a grand time, by golly.

And so we did... kind of (I mean about the grand time). We woke up and got ready to leave. Ben may or may not have been hounding me to hurry, and I may or may not have been fed up with his hounding. After all, I had already cooked breakfast, vacuumed up broken glass downstairs, and turned 32. What else did he want from me? Around 10:00 we were loading up to go. I told Ben we needed coats because a cold front was moving in and he rolled his eyes or something. This made an upset Suzy more upseterer. So, I grabbed the coats for everyone. Everyone except Ben. I didn't really think much of it, but figured manly man Ben would be fine if it was a bit chilly.

As we were driving away some rain started falling and clouds rolled in. Ben asked me if I got his coat. "Nope." So we went back and got it. Later I confessed that I was trying to teach him a lesson. Both of us were a little amazed at my hoochiness, but I still thought it was kind of funny. I am, however, really glad that we got his coat. It was FREEZING at Enchanted Rock. Freezing. We hiked up to the tippity top, looked around, played a quick game of "rattle snake" that Lucas invented. (I was the rattle snake attacking Lucas). And as quickly as possible we headed down the giant rock to the warmth of our car.

We decided to head to Fredricksburg for dinner. Lucas was hungry and insane by the time we got there so he was ultra-annoying. It was also ultra-annoying that we couldn't find any restaurants that were open except for one--and it was fancy. So, you know what we did? We went to Wal-mart. Yes, Wal-mart. I stayed in the car and fed Evan some baby food while Lucas and Ben went in to look for some food. They came back with quite a Thanksgiving spread consisting of a corn dog, macaroni and cheese, General Tso's chicken, a Coke, and some cookies. The grand total for our feast was less than $11. Lucas and Ben sat in the front while I sat in the back and let Evan play in the very back of the car for a bit.

After our feast we stopped in Johnson City, where Lucas and Ben got out to look at some Christmas lights. They also stumbled upon a little maze. Ben suggested I do the maze with Lucas, so I did. When Lucas and I finished, there was a guy walking up to Ben in the car. He explained that the maze wasn't quite finished, there were nails everywhere, and that they charge for that maze. Everyone had a good laugh and hoped that we didn't get a flat tire from parking by the maze and the piles of nails. We'll see...

When we pulled into Austin we hit up the Wal-mart again for some shopping and finally came home. Both kids are in bed in their new Christmas jammies from Grandma. And Mom and Dad are gonna watch a movie. Mom has been forgiven for trying to freeze Dad and Dad has been forgiven for thinking this was all a good idea in the first place. (really, it wasn't that bad... it was kind of fun, and better than sitting around all day).
Happy Thanksgiving!

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