Friday, November 26, 2010

Cake for Breakfast

My sweet boys let me sleep in this morning. I awoke to a delicious aroma downstairs. Lucas had me close my eyes all the way down the stairs and when I got to the kitchen there was a beautiful birthday cake waiting for me. Lucas made it all by himself, with Ben's assistance for egg cracking, oven using, and beating, I'm sure. But he iced, wrote, sprinkled and candled all by himself. It was strawberry - because girls like pink. The boys picked up all the fixins last night when they snuck off at Wal-mart. Such sweet boys!

Tonight the biggest sweet boy (Ben) fixed the Playstation that the middle sweet boy (Lucas) broke a few weeks ago when he stuck a piece of pool noodle foam into the Bluray drive. Ben took it apart like a champ and removed the offending piece of green foam. If Lucas ever sticks another piece of foam or a string cheese wrapper in a movie viewing or gaming device again... so help me.

After an eventful morning at Costco and Sam Moon, the littlest sweet boy went to bed tonight with a fever. Hopefully he'll feel better soon. He's so sweet.

Love those boys.

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Shan said...

So cute! Cake for breakfast is always a party!