Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sweet Things - Lucas

Some funny Lucasisms:

I made a real Thankgiving dinner last Sunday since we didn't get the traditional dinner on Thanksgiving. Lucas was really excited about Thankgiving dinner; although, he only ate cranberry sauce and turkey.
At dinner I asked Lucas what he was thankful for and he listed every family member he could think of. Then he asked Ben what he was thankful for. Ben started to talk and Lucas said in a little whisper, "pick me, pick me!" Ben pretended he was thinking really hard and listed off things/people, all the while Lucas is kept hinting (pointing to himself) to Ben. Finally Ben got a clue and said he was thankful for Lucas. It was pretty adorable.

While we were driving home from church on Sunday Lucas got mad that we were playing a song too loud, so we turned it down. Then this Avett Brothers song came on and he requested we turn it up. Louder. And Louder. When it was over he simply stated, "That was a great song."

The other day we were headed out the door. I was still barefoot and he looked down at my red painted toes: "Mom, where did you get those beautiful toes?"

Lately when we ask Lucas a question like, "Do you want a sandwich for lunch?" Instead of a simple yes, it's always "I do." But he says it in a really cute way.

Lucas lives with me, so of course he is going to be a fan of dessert. He thinks there ought to be dessert after every meal, so he often asks if he can have something for his breakfast dessert, lunch dessert, dinner dessert, and today he jokingly mentioned something about dessert dessert.

Today at breakfast and again in the car, Lucas said, "Let's try to have a good day today." I'm all for that idea!

When Ben gets home from work and comes to give me a smooch Lucas comes running to jump in the middle for Family Hug Time. He loves it. Poor Evan never gets to participate in FHT, but when he's big enough to withstand the pressure, he can.

I make a dang good edamame dip. Sometimes when it's just me and the kids we have it for dinner with yummy pita flat bread. Lucas loves the stuff and has declared himself Edamame King. I love the fact that he takes edamame roll ups (dip rolled into a tortilla) to school and thinks it's rad.

In other news, we are going to an ENT on Thursday to see if Lucas should have his tonsils out. The sleep specialist thought he should, but we'll see what the surgeon thinks. Here's a little picture of the day after his sleep study when he was taking off all the weird stickers. He's so cute.

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